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Magocracy of Ezir

Divine fire spreads to engulf the world

Formerly the Caliphate of Ezir (1002 - 1020 CE).   Ezir is a nation located on the southeastern edge of Omath. It is the home of the Ezirandi people, who are one of the more dominant bloodlines passed down from the proto-Human tribes that occupied the continent during the Age of Exploration (419 CE - 754 CE).   The capital of Ezir is Thaimi, known less formally as "The Sprawl" due to its extensive expansion. The official language is Ezirandi, and the currency is called the Sana (Sn). The country has a sub-tropical to equatorial climate.   Ezir is a magocracy, ruled by powerful magic users, and is also a monotheist nation, with a state-enforced religion in the Progenitor Sarar. The nation is separated into seven administrative regions, each of which is overseen by an appointed governor.


Ruled by arcane spellcasters of The Arcanum Institute and divided into administrative districts overseen by appointed Governors, selected from the seven Ministries.
  • Ministry of Commerce: Minister Ud'am al-Ma
  • Ministry of Culture: Minister Sa'ama al-Or
  • Ministry of Defense: Minister Alvin Shale
  • Ministry of Faith: Minister Ra'ate'e al-Jiddahi
  • Ministry of Finance: Minister Ma'ari al-Dahai
  • Ministry of Law: Minister Sha'ah bint Neeriya al-Burai
  • Ministry of Magic: Minister Senis Felis

Public Agenda

Dominance of Solia, establishment of monotheistic worship of Sarar and removal of all other faiths.


Caliphate Army: 10,000 Infantry; 5,000 Cavalry
Ezirandi Naval Forces: 50 3-Mast Caravels, 50 2-Mast Caravels, 100 Brigantines, 175 Frigates. 10,000 Sailors, 30,000 Marines. Naval facilities in Hauala.


The Magocracy of Ezir enforces a monotheistic religious belief in the Progenitor Sarar. Anyone found to be worshipping any other religious figure or denying Sarar is subject to being publicly executed for heresy.

Through the shadows we found strength.

Founding Date
1 Snowfall 1020 CE
Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
The Caliphate of Ezir
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Sana (SN) - a string of obsidian cubes worth the approximate value of one gold coin
Sanai (SI) - a string of glass beads worth the approximate value of one silver coin
Sona (SO) - A string of fired-clay beads worth the approximate value of one copper coin.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
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Notable Members
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