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Found in the Magocracy of Ezir, the Sana is a string of obsidian cubes worth the approximate value of one gold coin from the Kingdom of Falcrest. Common exchange rates established between the Magocracy and Falcrest require a minimum of ten obsidian cubes per string.


The Sana became the primary currency of the Ezirandi people while the construction of the Arcanum Institute was being constructed.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Current Location
Subtype / Model
Owning Organization
The Sana is commonly found inside the borders of the Magocracy of Ezir, as well as in the possession of their traders and merchants. It is uncommon to find in other kingdoms without seeking a moneychanger or merchant house, and non-existent in the Kingdom of Nuaira. When taken as treasure from a raid, the Nuaira will exchange any Sana found in human kingdoms for that kingdom's gold.
0.6 oz (14.17 g)
0.5 in x 6 in (1.27 cm x 15.24 cm)
Base Price
1 gp
Raw materials & Components
Sana is constructed of obsidian cubes strung along a narrow leather cord. The common Sana string is just a braid of leather running through drilled the obsidian, but higher-end Sana frequently weaves the leather strips around the obsidian.


Author's Notes

In response to the prompt: Describe a common form of currency in your world. Who issues it and what is its value?

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