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The City of Ships

Raysarat is a port city on the western coast of Ezir, south of Thaimi. A smaller city, Raysarat is known for its shipyards and armories as well as having one of the deepest harbors in Ezir.


Raysarat is predominantly Human in demographic makeup. Less than one percent of the population are non-human, with the largest population (0.79%) of non-human residents comprising Nuaira or Golenti slaves.   There are ten known Planetouched in Raysarat. Three are Tiefling, one is Celestine, and six are Kayal.


Raysarat is governed by a Shah, who oversees the city and the region around it and answers to the Governor for western Ezir. While numerous city officials fill the administrative roles, it is the Shah and his advisors that dictate the operation of the city.   Raysarat charges a hefty tax (33%) on all commerce within its aegis. The money earned in this manner goes into the city coffers, the bulk of which the Shah uses to better increase his own luxury and comfort.

Industry & Trade

The primary source of industry in Raysarat is shipbuilding and armor-smithing and weaponsmithing for the Magocracy of Ezir. The city receives large shipments of material from Thaimi, as it otherwise exists on a subsistence level.

Guilds and Factions

The strongest faction in the city is the Shipwright Guild. While the Shah has the legal power over the region, the Shipwright Guild controls the amount of work and speed of the work done. As a result, the Shipwright Guild is afforded a space among the Shah's advisors.


Raysarat was founded as a fishing village in the early years of Ezirandi history.


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