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Celestine (CELL-ess-TIE-n)

Also called Aasimar (derived from the Ezirandi word a'asim (angel)), are celestial Planetouched, native outsiders that have in their blood some good, otherworldly characteristics. Descended from angels or other creatures of pure good alignment, the Celestine are predisposed to good alignments.

Basic Information


Celestine carry the mark of their celestial heritage through many different physical features that often varied from individual to individual. Most commonly, Celestine are very similar to Human, like tieflings and other Planetouched. Nearly all Celestine are uncommonly beautiful and still, and they are often significantly taller than humans as well.   Most Celestine have pupil-less pale white, gray, or golden eyes or silver hair, but typically have some other resemblance to their forebears, such as emerald skin, while those descended from avoral might have feathers mixed in with their hair. Those descended from valkyrie often have pearly, opalescent eyes. Radiant-descended Celestines often have brilliant topaz eyes instead or silvery or golden skin and devas with couatl or lillend lineage most commonly have small, iridescent scales. Many Celestine also have a light covering of feathers on their shoulders, where an angel's wings might sprout. As in tieflings, Celestine bloodlines could sometimes run dormant for generations, reemerging after being hidden for some time.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Celestine are perceptive, noticing things that others do not, and many can see largely unimpeded in perfect darkness, while also possessing the ability to cast magical light to aid those who could not see. Celestine are also, like many of their celestial forebears, resistant to the effects of acidic elements, extreme cold, or electrical charges.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Celestine are rare throughout Solia and, as such, have no true cities or societies of their own, much like other planetouched. Celestine can live for the whole of their life without ever meeting another of their kind and, as such, tend to be resigned to living amongst other races. Celestine are more common in civilization than some of the other races of Solia, such as oroka or goblinoids.   Very few Celestine have siblings who were also Celestine in large part due to the rarity of a celestial or god mating with a human but also due to the fact that Celestine who spring from ancient bloodlines long left dormant were even rarer. On the rare occasions where two Celestine do meet, they often felt a kind of kinship and unspoken understanding with one another. Most Celestine are likely to take the side of another instinctively, regardless of personal feeling and there was a strong bond between Celestine of all stripes.

Common Myths and Legends

Because of their ties to the goodly divinities and celestial beings, many Celestine are drawn to a religious path and most Celestine spellcasters call on Divine Magic as opposed to Arcane Magic. A great many become paladins, most in the service of good, and the philosophy of lawful good paladins often resonated strongly with Celestine. Those descended from non-lawful outsiders, on the other hand, most often became clerics, though a few also became paladins.   Like other half-breeds, Celestine do not feel, as a whole, beholden to any one god or pantheon.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Despite their Human ancestry, Celestine do not typically feel a strong draw to their kin but instead feel a stronger bond with other half-breeds. Many Celestine enjoy the company of races as varied as half-nuaira or half-oroka, though very few aasimar get along well with tieflings, whom the celestial-descended race are instinctively wary of. Genasi were likewise alien to aasimar, who found the elemental race strange even by their own standards. Of the other common races, aasimar had little overall opinion, since Golenti, Nuaira, and the like had little history of persecuting aasimar but neither did they have a history of befriending them.

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Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Reference Race: Aasimar
150-300 Years
Average Height
Males: 5 ft. 8 in. – 6 ft. 9 in. (1.7272 - 2.0574 meters)
Females: 5 ft. 4 in. - 6 ft. 6 in. (1.6256 - 1.9812 meters)
Average Weight
Males: 120 lbs - 190 lbs (54.4311 - 86.1826 kg)
Females: 100 lbs - 170 lbs (45.3592 - 77.1107 kg)

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