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Hound's Head (Houndz Hed)

The Hound's Head (also called Point Aracohn, after the Aracohn legend among the Dunmaer people) is a headland on the southern shore of the Fierej Straight in western Fieren. It was named after the canine shape it had prior to Falcresti settlement, though it has since lost its shape and simply resembles a mound of rock and vegetation as a result of its use for target practice by naval and shore bombardment forces, much to the anger of the Dunmaer in the region, who consider it a sacred site.


The Hound's Head is a headland nearly three-hundred feet (91.44 meters) high and a half-mile (0.8 km) in diameter. It is broad and fairly uniform at its base but tapers to a promontory on the northwest side. Two peaks used to rise above the promontory but now form a roughly flat surface at its top.   Water supports the northwestern, north, and northeastern sides of the headland, with a sloped hill descending to the grasslands of the Kingdom of Heron.

Fauna & Flora

The Hound's Head is covered in evergreen trees, mosses, and scrub underbrush which includes ferns, blackberry, blueberry, currant, shallon, salmonberry, and thimbleberry.   A number of seabirds such as gulls, terns, and pelicans nest on the highest points of the headland, which attracts weasels, stoats, fishers, and similar predators. Deer and elk roam the region around the Hound's Head, which attract cougars, bears, and wolves that can routinely be found on the headland.


In antiquity, the Hound's Head was an iconic landmark on the southern shores of the Fierej Straight between the Drakenlag and the Raging Deep. It served as a settlement point for Dunmaer precursors along with other locations throughout the region.   Around -7720 BCE, a horrible storm descended on the region, flooding the lowlands and destroying every settlement except the one on the Hound's Head. This event gave rise to the myth of Aracohn, the Silent Guardian. While the flooding spared the settlement, the resulting loss of crops and trade with their contemporaries left the village to starve.   After the Emerald War, Falcresti whalers settled the region on the north of the straight, and used the point as a landmark, calling their village Hundgard. Over time, the headland was used for target practice by arcane magic users who would accompany the ships, as well as ballista troops stationed in Hundgard, destroying the Hound's "ears" and all but leveling it to the height of the promontory.


The site is frequented by hunters and fishers as well as treasure seekers looking for Dunmaer artifacts in the ruins of the former settlement.
Alternative Name(s)
Point Aracohn
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Jul 2, 2021 23:48

Man the Falcresti are real jerks, leave Aracohn alone.

Jul 3, 2021 00:26 by Pax Sequoia

The irony in this statement is that Falcrest was founded by expatriates that fled Ezir as it was becoming a fascist magocracy. They bill themselves as "the Light of the world."

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