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Aracohn (AHRA-cone)

Aracohn stood at the place where the sun set, watchful eyes turned to the edge of the world and to the great monsters hiding beneath the waves. He would watch, day and night, always vigilant, always ready for the great serpents. Without his watchful eye, the serpents would run rough over the land, taking our kin, our blood, and all that we have.
  Aracohn, The Sleeping Hound is a story about Hound's Head, a rocky headland on the southern side of the Fierej Straight.


The Dunmaer tribes speak of a great hound that sleeps under the Drakenlag. Known as Aracohn "The Silent Guardian" in Dunmaer, the legend say that the Hound was responsible for the protection of Omath and for keeping the great sea dragons of the western ocean away.

Historical Basis

In antiquity, the Dunmaer came to the western coast of Omath and saw only water beyond. As they began to settle their villages, many were lost to extreme winter winds and storms blowing out of the north. At some point around 7720 BCE, a humid tropical storm blew in from the west-southwest, merging with a winter storm from the north. The resultant storm surge flooded low-lying areas and wiped multiple settlements away.   Having been at the ravages of the dragons of the Dunmaer Plateau, the survivors living on the Hound's Head were certain the calamity was the fault of an ocean dragon that had been disturbed. In truth, the battle that claimed the life of The Wayfinder and resulted in the creation of the Eye of the North Star was the catalyst for their belief that dragons were responsible.


The myth of Aracohn is primarily localized to the Dunmaer people, though many who live in the region of Hundgard are familiar with it and even pay respect to the Hound's Head as they sail past it.

Variations & Mutation

The Norten Fiereni claim that the Hound is Pyrhund, who in life was a massive wolfhound given immortality as a silent watchdog over the fleets returning to the Drakenlag.
Date of First Recording
502 CE
Date of Setting
Circa -7720 BCE
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Jul 2, 2021 23:27

This is a cool myth, especially when you tell it directly, and I like the historical basis. I want to know more about how the myth came about, how exactly did the belief that an ocean dragon caused the storm lead to the myth of Aracohn?

Jul 2, 2021 23:30 Private by Pax Sequoia

I intend to flesh this out a great deal more, but likely after Summer Camp ends.

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