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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a myth about a mountain, lake, cave or other landmark
A total of 564 entries

The Myth of World's Scar

Myth of the Broken Hammer

How Isoi and Ebum came to be wed

The Travelling Oasis

Material of Creation and the Seed of Possibility

Wishing Well o'the Disquiet Vale

Lake of the Weeping Warrior

Cauli's Restlessness

The Angels in the Holy Crystal

The Myth of the Thunderbirds

Zazha and zhithikakashu

Spirit of Rivalry

Soul Spire Theorem

Lake of Revelations

Aukarod, le coeur-de-rouge

The Loch Ness Monster is alive?!

'Toma and the sunken treasure'

The Splitting of the Rivers

Light's Sunney Valley

Los que se quedaron atrás

The legend surrounding the Falorant Mountains

794.II, 28 Floii, The Cloud Mountains

The Orinsloft Caves

The Curse of the Enthorned Tomb of Bermir the Terrible

The Cinder Serpent Of Ash Mountain

St. Columba and the Loch Ness Monster

The myth of Anne and the nymph of Lake Emyla

The Heart of Haiu

Joni and the Master of Weirdwood Forest

Marun'sahanis: What Lies Within Desert's Heart

Whisper in the Swamp

The Lake Monster & The Singing Maiden

The Myth of the Sterling Stretcher Caves

The Myth of the Moonstone Monolith

Spring of Oma-Sai

The Whispers of Waldemar

The Creatures of Dragon Eye Lake {WASC 2021}

Travok, The mounain of madness.

Curse of the Howling Mountains

The Mad King and the Spirits of the Zeribian Graveyard

The Witch of Sonnemoor

The Final Battle at Mount Enther

Legend of the Valkyrian Baths

The pact of the Thirteen

Creation of the Expanses

The Lost Valleys

The Egg of Tenebris

The Cave of Antinost

How the Dragon's Spine arose

The secret of the blue lagoon

The Mad Mountain, Gih'Tan

Bluteeth Glade, the Myths

Throat of the Dragons

Myth of the Labyrinth

Blood Moon Lake's Curse

Atlantis? No, Atlantia. - Prompts #8 Myth about a landmark

Myth of Hillmind

La création du lac Sorange

The Truth of The Devil's Reef

The Tale of Sherstad and Tyrain

Legenden om Evig Liv

Origin of the Oceans

The Lovers of Lake Ravitas

Neripha Myth *under construction and revision*

The Legend Of Birima'Asa

Myths of how Poet's Lake got its name

Cradle of the World

The Violet Underground

Falling Tower of Diamond Bay

The opposite rivers of the two Realms

Lake of Still Waters

Flames of Barrowburn

The Breaking of the Deity

the jewel at the botem of the lake

The Legend of the Jagged Craig>a common story as told around campfires

The Legend of Druid Grove

The Skree in the Mountain

Naia of the Olezais river

The Drum of Yorayda Mountains

The Underworld

Luve Mountains Myth

The Bottomless Mesmerizing Depths

The Koyatzi Curse of Moda Pass

The Beast of Serinai

Evokiya's Mountain

Renewal of Dragonspiral

Tears of the Goddess

The Haunting of the Hunting Lodge

Legend of Sentinel Grove

Guardian of the East

Himinbjorg, Home of Bjarnófærr

The Sanguine Spring

Die Wette des schlummernden Drachen

Cove of silver streams

Fall of the Betrayer

The Creator's Handwriting

Myth of the Amethyst Caverns

The Glittering Caves

The Flight of Kasta and Doxia

The Tale of Yuxinglong's Rest

Myth of Uaba the Light Eater

The heart of the frozen forest

Peak of The Ancestors

Hidden Mountain Healing Springs

The Storm Forger at Lightningtop

Ajqyod and Horphyod

The Pillars of Thárletyp

A Creation Myth, Courtesy of Lynell the Bard

Tale of the Weirmaiden

Skugggestalten, Månprästinnan Adelie och den gömda grottan.

War of Scale and Flame

The return of the Golden tribe

Legend of Martyr-Queen Anise

The Howls of the Forsaken

Kingdom of the Sea Folk

The Lady of the Lake

Deemor's Realignment

The Kesserquay Hag

The Forging of the Waypoints

Battle of Crimson Tides

The Cave of a Thousand Roses

The deaths of Guawl and Luodica

The first of the Damañora

Myth of Thorngage Manor

The Cradling of the Gods

The Ironpine Curse

Ghosts of Broken Tooth Pass

The Dragonhead Cove

L'Arbre-Monde d'Égée

The mind of the Cave

Unterecile, the Thunder Wyrm

The Dragon of Mount Ferrule

Beast of the Peaks

Souffle d'Ilvannea

Heart of the Mountain

The Legend of the Three Daughters

The High Desert and the Low Desert

The fairy pond of Siir

The Death Flute of the Valderian Mountains

Sacred Land Scar: Blasted Peak

The Myth of Lake Lucuri

The Tale of the Depths

Vitukua Ascending at the Dragoneye

Glæsfeld Burial Grounds

Silver in the Reservoir

The Garden of Winter

The existence of The Nest

The Invisible Mountain of Feythorn Forest

Creation of the Badlands Ravine

Where the Dawn Rests

Journey of the Lend Pilgrims

Legend of the Iron Mountain

The Great Sapling

Guardian of Dead Mans Lake

The Mountain Creator

Curse of Sacred plain

The Lost Folk of Greed Grave

The Demi-Fae Reflecting Pool

"The Ghost of Madrona Lake"

The First Government of Antarand

The One About the Woods

Il mostro dell'arcipelago

Damactos' Descension

The Cavern Of The North & The Northern World

Chamber of Gromman

The Other God of Israk

The Architects of the Mountain

Hidden Treasures of the Seine

The Sword's Betrayal Curse

The Laughing Caves

Laments of the Sea

The Whistler at Whistler's Lake

The Man of Black Fire, and his Meadow

The Hoekbowl Stones

Singing Tunnels {Origin}

The Shifting Castle

The Swamp Tribe of Aomizu

The Caves of the Far Wastes

The Creation of the Pass

Hagbruzad and the Sacred Lake

The Ghost Bridge of Gossar

'The Ones of the Deep'

Bottomless of the Acam lake

Anne Mary of Oldebrooke

The Hole In The Ground South of The Wayne's Well

In the Depths of the Lifandiloch

The Gift of Afterlife

The Mouth of Mount Glaurym

The White Cat of Haverlea Caves

The Churning Wastes - How Mages Keep their Power

The Lightstruck isles

The Ancient of the Mystveil Mire

The Creation of the Blasted Weald

The Leviathan's Feeding

"The Gift of Life, from Death"

The Creation of The Isle od Szed

The cliff etchings of Dragon's den cove

The Myth of the Eeirɨ

The Struggle Atop the Mountain

Cathedral of the shadow god

The Waters of U'Aphor

The Creation of Gods' Lake

The Trickster Death of Aldoz

The Dragon of Redfire Mountain

The thunderbirds' betrayal

Tiber Island, Italy

The Cave of Plunders

La tour de la terreur

The Myth of the Steaming Sea

Corruption of the Lunni Moon

Godstadt: The Fatherstream

The Prince In the Pond

Shimmering Woods Myth: Split of the Courts

The Legends of Lost Tower Lake

Birth of the Blackwater

Tale of Mount Krysal

Myths associated with Mera's Lake

The void's glimpse

Schwarzwald - The Black Forest

The Black Catastrophe

The Elemental of Chilshire Deeps

Irthokrii Borehole Cave

The Saint and the Spirits

The Green Abyss

The Lair of Àncéarmâr

The Lake-god's Reckoning

The Crystal Dragon

Spirits of Frosttfield Crater

The Grief of The Goddess- By Koraki Saros Kanosis

A Song of Law and Opportunity

Five Sisters Sweet

Taming of Soriin

Prompt 8: Greith Mountain and the Grove

Life Springs Eternal at the Dragon's Bathtub

The Spirits of Ashvale

Approach not Mount Tagan

Kynath of the Deep

Biyazi and Landzhifi Seek the River

The Howls of Stragglerpeak

Lost Ship of Langara

The Battle of Frostsvale

The Trolgwar and the Hill of Oaths

The Hushed Twins and The Crimson Oak

The Eyes of Mount Turgla

Origin of the Star Fae Grove

The Birthplace of the Kyriks

The Terror of Shattered Bay

The Tomokanga Desert - The Portal Wastes

Reclamation of Pineveil

Dòngxué Hēi'àn

The Monster of Lake Suordaefel

The Moon Wants To Murder You: Fact or Fiction?

The Lady above the Clouds

The Protective Ones

The Skri‘zzk trench dwellers

Der Drache des Drachenzahns

Der gefallene Engel in der Schwesternbucht

Nestoria und Trondhulm die Krakentaucher

Dwarven Creation Myth

Drop-Leaf Origin Story

The Lover's Hideaway

The Sundered Heart

The Caverns of Tamagan

Ahboria Lake and The Luminos Meteorite

The Thousand-Tooth Fish

The Mountain is a Giant, Maybe

The origin of Fals - Usluds Fang

How desert cliffs came to be

Bodia and Setor, and the Spirits of White Mountain

The greenscarfed couple

Spring solstice on the islands

Sandyyandes Deadland Derof

The White Wyrm of Moume Lake

Cavernes Infinies de Lionaia

The Origin of the Great Barrier Mountains

The myth surrounding the Ashvista lake

Quiet Child Follows the Floods into Twilight

The calamity of Tarón and Tullius

The Broken Battleground

The Myth Surrounding the Caves Beneath Uji Province

Creation of the Norhel River

Ainsley's Destruction

Creation of Surtur's Kettle

The Haunting of Planet TR-75

The Ghosts of the Field

Moon Manor- the big mysterious house on the hill

Leviathans of the Tet-Herumopet Cluster

The tale of the lost boy

The Disappearance of Luna

The haunted quadrant of charmonde

The Wyrmmeadow Monster

The Bone Snake of Mistfall Valley

Monster of Mistake Island

The Heart of the Mountain

Kauna and Lendon, or the Banishment of Kythos

Anathaes Fae site in Maela Bog

The Creation of Mount Áitna

The Martyrdom of Elze

Het Meer van Tikûl

The Gleaming Peak

The Exile's Revenge

The walking corpses of the cemetery Saint-Marcel

The Eternal Storm Realm

The Genesis of the Sphinxes

The Goddess in the Stars

Los espectros errantes

Mount Ta'aroa Volcanic Activity Myth

Shadelight's Last Breath

The Lady of Blackwater Lake

The Knife in the Wind

The Serpent Empress

Kohliya's Treasure

The Fire Mountain

The Legend of Three Sisters Falls

The Lamentation of Thrina

The Hymn of the Wayward Tunnel

Aspela Source's Healing Spirit

Lake Lerna - The passage to the Underworld CW: Death of a Child

Torõrutsuki's Fishing Incident

Lake Bareotis, the sacred lake of the goddess Tyr

Blessed Waters of Ran'sin Daul

Creation of the Drakithan

The Barren Desert of the First Barbarian

Rare fish of Lake Mayree

The Legend of the Lunar Lake

The Soulless Mountains

The Crashed Capitol Ship of Lorel

The monster of the poles & The god among us