Throat of the Dragons

The Throat of the Dragons is said to be the birth place of all dragons. Rumor has it that is located in the Dragon Tooth Mountains but no one has been able to find it. Even the skilled miners of the Ironscale Coalition were unable to uncover and clue or remains of such a place located within their mountain home.  It is said that the Ancient Dragon Council's true home and with the fabled artifact called "The Dragon's Heart" it would be possible to control the Dragons.


It is rumored to be the birthplace of all dragons. The last hint of its location is deep within the Dragon Tooth Mountains and if a powerful enough force were to use "The Dragon's Heart" there, they would be able to control any amount of dragons.  It is the hidden secret of the Ancient Dragon Council that protects this location as it is sacred to their kind. Now it is lost in legend only to be remembered by a very select few in order to protect their kind.

Historical Basis

This myth is based on actual history but any evidence is hidden solely within the Ancient Dragon Council's ruling members as they don't allow anyone besides themselves know of the importance of this location. Even powerful spellcasters and historians only catch glimpses of clues but not enough to out right prove its existence.


For most people it remains fable, a sort of creation myth as most don't care about such things. Though for scholars it stands as a challenge to find as whoever finds proof of it, more so finds its location will be recorded as a great explorer and historian.

In Literature

There is a few bestiary books on Dragons that theorize and discuss the possible existence of such a place but many dismiss it due to the variety of dragons that roam.
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