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Drakospire Reach

Myth has told of a portal, a gateway to another realm, sat atop the tallest peak of the Comcola peaks, that divide western and central Lykoto. Those claiming to have witnessed this mystery person speak of hearing growling sound that gradually gets louder the longer they observe the phenomenal. There is the accompanying rhythmic beating of drums along with the sound of tribal horns, piercing the air. Some have denied hearing the sounds but have spoken about feeling vibration, almost resembling marching patterns. Accounts say that this portal stands 25 feet tall atop a platform approximately 100 feet wide, made from stone slabs engraved with one phrase,' he be Drakonai, here were roar and bow before our might'. Although, these are unconfirmed rumours, looted stories of unknown origin. From below the precipice of Mount Paridean, the tallest peak, it is a sheer incline upwards towards its summit. However the summit of this extreme mountain is shrouded in a thick boundary of missed, or is it smoke? Those who have ventured up to confirm or debunk the myths have never returned online. Upon his return, he hadn't already majorly compromised mental health, his sentences continued random nonsensical rambling. From what those who listen to his words could make out the story of a strange, Reptyleon-like race, but not reptyleon, standing upon the stone Plaza at the summit. He says they had a protruding jaw, similar to a lizard snout, friends protruding up and down from its mouth. Its eyes were bright green colour, with slits for pupils. Their body was covered in scales from head to toe, beneath the tribal on comprised of bones and metal. They held a spear of shortened bone blades bound to wooden shaft, wrapped in an unknown string material, a group of sorts. He can only assume these were the Drakonai and they struck fear into the heart of this postal, his name was Glin Mekitsk, before he threw himself from the very same mountain that began his madness.


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