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The Monster of Lake Suordaefel

There is an old story that something sinister lurks beneath the waves of Lake Suordaefel ('Holy white lake'), in Astaros. The high Elves living closer to the islands on the west end of the lake scoff at the tales of their forest-walking cousins who inhabit the wilderness on the lake's other side. Why would there be a monster in such a beautiful lake?

This is mostly an elven tale, although the few human hunters who roam the area has heeded the warning and try to avoid making their camps near the lake at any cost.


Among the wood elven population of Astaros there exist a persistent rumor of a huge monster living in the lake. It only comes out once in a few decades and devours whole clans at whole, if they dare to place their camps too close to the waterline. When children play too loudly or too long in the water, they are scared with the saying of "The Monster of the Lake will get you!".

Historical Basis

There has been some unexplained occurrences of people -whole clans, even- going missing. No traces were found of them, or most what has been found has been tattered remains of camps and signs of struggle. No bodies have been ever recovered, though. Perhaps the story of the Monster was created to warn people of unknown dangers of the wilderness.


The tale of the Monster of the Lake is very local and even when the high elves who live close by know of it, they do not believe it and think of it as old wive's tale. The Wood elves, however, seem to usually think that there might be some truth behind all that.
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