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The Turbulence

The Turbulence, which the most commonly used human calendar system takes its starting year, was an odd magical phenomena which occurred almost 700 years ago. What exactly caused it is still heavily debated, but the whole world has witnessed what happened after it.


It is told that the sky blackened in an instant in heavy, odd-colored clouds. Magic of all kind seemed to have a hiccup - many people died as a result and countless were driven out of their homes, when huge waves crashed into the coastal cities, heavy winds turned into hurricanes, and on some areas smoke filled the air like heavy mist, suffocating everything in their wake. It snowed in the rainforests and sweltering heatwave charred the northern, snow-covered lands. The whole ecosystem of the world was in chaos.   A huge whirlpool opened near the coast of Madovar and the continent of Astaros, which stood alone and separated by a sea from the second continent, was suddenly joined to the mainland when the sea in question suddenly dried up. This area is nowadays known as The Old Sea. Also, a huge gorge opened on the continent of Madovar. The area is called by many names, but most commonly goes by the Scar, and it is heavily and unpredictably magical. Only big city on the area is the dwarven city of Wan Torum, which is also the main producer of a certain magical mineral, which appeared around the Turbulence.   Some people also reported that they had smelled smoke and on some areas ash rained down for two consecutive months, painting everything grey.


Global, but the direst effects happened near the Maiden's Belt archipelago.
Metaphysical, Arcane


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