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The Old Sea

The Old Sea, despite its name, is not a sea but a vast desert spanning from the coast of Astaros to the south-eastern Aberronia.


On the far edges of the vegetation is more of shrubland, slowly turning drier towards the central parts of the desert, where real sand dunes and occasional red-colored rock formations speckle the endless vastness. As The Old Sea used to be a large sea distancing continent of Astaros from the mainland, it shows in the geography in the way that the borders of the desert are higher and they follow the old coastline of the sea.

Fauna & Flora

Due to magical nature of the desert, many things which grow and live there have magical abilities or are transformed versions of sea creatures adapted on living on land.   The inhabitants of the desert live mainly in small tribes or bands. Bigger settlements are located near the border of the desert or in the vicinity of watering holes.
Alternative Name(s)
The Desert
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