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Myth of Cursed Island

Written by Dennis van Peppen



Monsters of the river were once beasts of burden used by the Yellow Pearl Hunters to pull forth their ships. Until the sea serpent got angry and revolted against his masters. The great sea serpent made a large leap out of the water. When the beast crashed back into the waters, the impact caused massive tidal waves, which caused Rubigo city to get flooded during the most important festival in Mythica. Many citizens of the city drowned during this flood.   Now it's believed that the ghosts of those who drowned are still on the island and that they are seeking revenge on the living. Because everybody who sets foot on that island is never seen again. It is also believed that the monsters of the river are still roaming the waters around the Yellow pearl beach. Some also claim that they appear in the small lake in at the center of the island, which would imply that there is an underwater tunnel connecting the lake with the larger river.

Historical basis

The flooding of the island and Rubigo are proven and it is known that the Yellow pearl hunters used the creatures as beasts of burden. It has never been proven whether or not the island is actually haunted, or if its only an old ghost story.

Cultural reception

The beasts revolt, and the flood which it caused, has forced the people to reevaluate whether or not its still safe to use these creatures. But, knowing the damage they have caused, it was decided that it was better to abandon this practice. In order to keep the river safe for ships travel, a new group of hunters were founded. Specialized to hunt the river dwelling creatures, they will attempt to assist the ships travelling the river. So that they can safely make the passage.

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Date of Recording

300 AF (After Flood)

Date of setting

Day of the flood

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