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Cursed Island


The Cursed Island, is separated from the main land by a river called the Red River. It is mainly covered by trees of the Midway Forest, between the trees, is a small lake. The small hills are giving a lot off height difference. But the trees of the forest are very young, what means that the forest just got hold off this island. On the side of the Dark Street, is the yellow pearl beach.


by lecreusois

Once it was connected with the main land on the island was a great city Rubigo city, but the island got separated when the great flood took place. This was during the Black Moon Festival and a lot of people died. The city on the island was quickly abandoned. Because people believed it was cursed. By the monster of the River. Now the once so beautyfull and lively city fell into ruins over time.


The Monster of the river, was once a beast of burden but got angry and revolted against his masters. The great serpent of the River also jumped out of the water and fall back in. Which coursed a small tsunami, that drowned the citizens of Rubigo City during the most important festival in Mythica. Now it's believed that the ghosts of those who drowned are still on the island and that they are taking revenge on the living. Because everybody who set foot on that island is never seen again. It is also believed that the monsters of the Rivers are still visiting the yellow pearl beach and even in the small lake. What means, there was is an underwater cave.

by Darkmoon_Art


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Land of the Death  


Mythica is the third part of Carminba, here the myths of antiquity come to life. Just in a different coat. The Nameless Fate is heavier here than anywhere else. But this does not stifle other forms of faith to provide their followers with wisdom.   (The cities don't have names yet, the names will come during summer camp)

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