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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an area or geographical landmark wrapped in myth, legend or superstition
A total of 652 entries

Kilraxi Mountains

The Lightning Plains of Fulgari

The Wandering Mountain

The Continent of Nereshi

Great Cresway Canyon

Dun na nGall/ Donegal

Isle of the Eternal Prision

The Core of Arbressian

Drahu- Madis Lebensinsel

You can never leave Omsk

The Falorant Mountains

El Bosque Silencioso

The cave of the Fused

Thunderbird Mountain

Elemental gateway

Rioc, The Falling Islands

30-year Storm of the Bulhenian Mountains

Mount Matora of Motuahi {WASC 2021}

Third Expeditionary Camp

The Stone Web Canyons

The Gnarled Arch of Rot Mouth Marsh

Wild Zone - Polaris Archipelago

Sky and Sea Mountain

Cloudbreather Lake

Fresar Badlands

Sanderstone Mountains

Verdantswathe, The

Blushing Mountains

The Elseean Archipelago

The Pyre of the Faith

Grey Towers of Endoval

Hunting lodge ruins vetheriss archeological site

Pools of Destiny - Prompt #7 an area or geographical landmark wrapped in myth, legend or superstition

Nol'fariiinze Vraii'iina's Grave

Crash site of the Essok VI

Great Crater of Astualdu

The Lands of Zhadya

The Czarny Zhbyet Moyj - The Black Ridge Mine

Pyresa-- "The Pyre"

Die unsterbliche Insel

The Maidenfel Grove

Cursed Island of Mehzim

Hand of the Ascending God

Himinbjorg, Mountain of the Storm

Razgoroshenyy, The Land of Kings

Graveyard of Gods

Four Pillars of Mount Tel'vram

Za Hinanpangunun

Holt's Castle - The Vanishing Island

The Frozen Sands of Time

The Rolling Hills


Trench of the Lost

Steppe of Murokai

Mysterious Moving Forest of Antea

The Graveyard of Lying Gods

The Giant's Bones Cliffs

The Crying Spoonland

Otter Island Lighthouse

The Tallest Branch

Krovin, the Blood Marsh

Sayinyarr Highland

Sunken City of Nerthus

'The Birthplace of Monsters'

The Cavern at the Top of the World

794.II, 13 Meoii: A cherished memory

Kalruuth Mountains

Mount Auberon and the Star Courts

Clairière du renouveau

The First Source Tree

Heartstone Mountain Range

The Kona Mountains

BUNKER 37 BLOG: I Think There Is A Monster In My Plumbing, Entry #338

Darrenyit Cavern

Levinwood Plaza/Leoflēah

The Three Daughters

The Steaming Sea

The city of San Mateo

The Central Continent

The titan skeleton of Mt.drakon

Guines Mountain Range

Greed Grave Mountain

Die Tunnel der Alpträume

The Ruins in South Brinland

The Rock of Reflection

Ethelindir, or "The Eastern Ruins"

Glittersand Isle

Great tumuli of the Albine mountains

Cape of Good Hope

Drakken's Deirold {Hill} {English}

Den gömnda staden.

The eastern rainforest

The Glittering Caves

Cove of the Siren's Wail

Amber Broadleaf Thicket

Shroud of Silence

The Sacred Forest of Taelsti

The shattered hammer

The Tillinghast Estate

Tunnel to the Center of Pholtel

The Clearing at the Summit of Mount Amaranthine

The Sorrowful Needle

The Forbidden City

Shifra, the Queen's Crater

The Tunnels of Oldebrooke

The Plains of the Departed

Rock of Fortune or Doom

Sy-Clarks Lighthouse: The 31st Floor

Tet-Herumopet Cluster

The Whisperstone Ruins

The Shuddering Mountain

The Blades of the Master

World's Scar & Cliff's to Land's Edge

Dragonspiral Mountain

Kalphion Nature Reserve

McClintok Middle School, Field 3

Lianas Entanglement

Tal des roten Sumpfes

Mountain of the Quartet

The Crystal Caverns

The Forbidden Forest

Prompt 7: Haxian Rift

The Infernal Pinnacle

The Breath of Leralae

Lost Oasis of Raesandel

Shuwo Rizhbiya River

The Lake of Reverence Ruin

The Screaming Woods and The Dark-Shadows Planes

The Deep of the Ancient Crypt

Elephant Foot Mountain

The Wetlands of Cargan

Llyrana Mountain Pass

The Celestial Palace

The Sigyn Archipelago

The Sung Mountains

The Great Salt Lake

Laruian Dimension

Salt Spire Mountains

The Orphanridge Mountains

The Stragglerpeak Mountain

Ynys Môn - The Sacred Isle

The Bones of Sun-and-Moon

The Esharra Waterfall

The forgotten city

Perdidalma Valley

The Elsyn Plains

Kynath Archipelago

Islands in the estuary

The Uferbrech Gyre

The Molten Plain of Mount Zera

The Lightning Caves

Labyrinth on the Island of Crete

Valley of the Tall Trees

The Hole the the Hub Made

Valley of Salvation

The Forest of Malice

Osmose, les terres d'

The Lands of Gog and Magog

Kaletar mountain: Elemental Rift

The Edge of the World

Garden of the Firewalkers

Doyogayao: Doyog Steep

The Cracks-Skin Stones

Cave of the Frozen Scars

The Fields of Glass

Sorg's Mount: Grief of the Goddess - By Koraki Saros Kanosis

The Divine Finger

Devil's Millhopper

Cottage on the Mountain

Valley of the Broken Egg

The Hoovachacs Forest

Indara - The Celestial City

Plantjor - The Rift in the World

Maela Bog and it's mysteries

The Potter's Ground

The Hole of Tartessos

Ten-Thousand Deaths

The Spiritgraves

Othron Castle Dungeons

Daggerjaw Mountains

Torõrutsuki Lake

The Shielding Forest

Black Dawn Kings' Memorial

Deep Impact of Oshack

The Mortifex Forest

The Southern Island of Smile

Leuthsik Mountain

The Multicolour Forest