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Flame Lake

Flame lake is located in Qalneradir, a lush and green forest in the mountains of central Garyiala. Qalneradir is dominated by oak and ash trees. Other predominant plants are blackberry and redcurrant, and honeysuckle, deadnettle, vetch and forget-me-not. Acorns provide an abundant food source for small animals like hares, hedgehogs and squirrels, and multiple birds. Up the food chain, badgers, martens, foxes, weasels, owls, and vipers also inhabit the forest.
Flame lake is named after it's most peculiar feature: approximately at the centre of the lake sits a fire. It does not sit on a rock, or a piece of wood, it just floats peacefully a little above the water surface. It does not extinguish, it does not move or increase or decrease. It just sits there.
While the forest provides plenty resources, people never harm the forest or disturb it's balance, afraid of angering the fire to such an extend it will swallow the forest.
Visitors of the forest going for a leisurely stroll or meditative hike have formed well-trodden paths over time, and people rarely wander off. The path towards Flame lake is lined with colourfully decorated stones, guiding the way.

The only thing I kept thinking was; Who put it there, and how?
Kenda Otany, Scholastic Wayfarer

The Legend Behind Flame Lake

Many, many years ago, when Divines still lived amongst the mortal, Qalnera was the guardian spirit of the oak and ash thicket now known as Qalneradir. She made sure plants stayed in balance and animals at peace. When fox and badger quarrelled over territory, she sat them down until an agreement was reached. When squirrel had a hard time foraging nuts for winter, she gave him a hand. When a storm caused owl's home tree to fall down, she found her a new one.
One day, on a hot summer day, after many hot summer days, a shrub caught fire. It went unnoticed until it's neighbour also was aflame. Qalnera came quickly and doused the flame. The animals of the forest were not worried, they had seen this before, and were well prepared. They formed a line and passed along water in a well-practiced manner. But after a few hours, they realized the fire spread more quickly than they could pass the water and extinguish the flames. They saved one bush, but two more had caught fire in the meantime. Soon the whole forest was coloured red and orange and black.
Finally, tears stinging her eyes, Qalnera made her way to the centre of the forest and inhaled deeply. She inhaled until she had sucked the flames from all the trees and bushes and shrubs and grasses, until not even a single ember could rekindle the fire. She stored the fire inside her soul, and while her body perished, her soul remained, now a prison to a fire which could kill all alive.
The animals of the forest gathered around the soul of their beloved guardian and wept and wept and wept until a lake formed at their feet, supporting the eternal soul flame until one day Qalnera will return to guard the forest once more, or the fire escapes to end the world.
Organization | Nov 22, 2021
Kysan adherents living near Qalneradir often visit the lake to bring an offer to the late guardian of the forest. A small shrine sits at the far end of the lake, with it's circled window perfectly framing the flame. Adherents bring their offering here, praying for Qalnera to return and for the fire to fade away into nothingness.


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