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Welcome to Odezia

Your Journey Starts Here

The world known as Odezia is a fantastical one. At first sight, you will sure be overwhelmed by its beauty. Natural magical phenomena such as falls flowing upwards to the heavens, everblooming meadows, and never-dying flames dancing on lakes are just a few of many wonders that make up this world. You set out on a journey across the lands, to discover its spectacular treasures and witness its breath-taking marvels.
Upon a closer look, however, you notice things are not as perfect and alluring as they seemed to be just now. For without a guide, the world of Odezia is a treacherous one. At dusk, right at the moment the sun dips below the horizon, they awaken. Malevolent creatures they are called. Vile and grotesque monsters they are. Bright golden eyes and teeth still dripping blood from their last kill. They are coming for you. They will find you. And you will not be safe.
However, you are in luck. You find yourself in the presence of an expert on Odezia, if I say so myself. I will guide you upon your journey, and show you both the marvels and horrors this world has to offer. Trust me when I say you will not want to leave. And even if you do, we will never let you go.