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Empire of Garyiala

Garyiala has been one of Namda's main powers for centuries, sitting on top of the largest sun crystals deposits of the continent. And ever since the industrial revolution, Garyiala has been a centre of both scientific and cultural development, leading the world into a new age.

Gorgeous and diverse landscapes

Garyiala’s landscape is rich and diverse, ranging from the Deldoan sea in the lush east, to the Stodor desert in the arid west. The Rurzun mountains in the south and the Vaspor Mountains in the northeast form natural boundaries with other countries. Famously, a great portion of Garyiala encompasses the area also known as the Gar and Reva riverlands. It is where the Lewin and Gar River meet that the capital city of Asrila sits.
Garyiala’s climate differs as greatly as its landscape, with pronounced differences between regions as well as between seasons. Northern regions know white winters, as do the many mountainous regions, while inland southern regions have a somewhat milder climate. The summer causes the many rivers to flow steadily, making the Stodor a little more habitable, but the Gar and Reva Riverlands prone to flooding.

History in short

Garyiala is one of the oldest civilizations of Odezia, with recorded history dating back as far as 5000 years ago. Therefore, a brief history is described here. A full history can be found in "History of Garyiala".

Kingdom of Dam Gar

Many years ago, the peoples of the Gar riverlands were conquered by the ruthless Shaan. For many years, the Shaan ruled, until one day, a mere farmer’s son took a stand. Sezna Tenvar united the peoples of the Gar riverlands to fight off the intruders, and was crowned the first king of Dam Gar.
It is said Sezna Tenvar was visited by the Spirits of White Mountain as a boy, and the clairvoyant priestess Obrana - who had prophesied that the descendant of Bodia and Setor would reunite the peoples of the riverlands and take back their rightful home - sanctified his reign.
Dam Gar fell, like many other civilizations, during the Twilight collapse.

Founding of the Empire

After the Twilight collapse, the peoples of the Gar riverlands were divided during what is known as the Hundred Peoples Period. During this time, Othya Novar 'the Dawn' was born. A skilled huntress and fair fighter, Othya made a name for herself after slaying the great beast Xoodari and discovering the use of sun crystals against malevolent creatures. Under Othya’s charge, the crystals were mined and spread among the peoples of the Gar riverland and lands far beyond.
Othya Novar ‘the Dawn’ saved the peoples of the Gar from the terrors of the night, united them once more, and founded the Empire of Garyiala.

People’s Revolution

Forty years ago, Empress Egin feared losing her power, and dismissed many Officials and disposed of the Commoner’s Assembly. In response, Officials and the Assembly retaliated. For five years, the people of Garyiala fought for their rights, and won after assassinating the empress. A distant cousin of the late empress, and experienced politician, Sylva Warnu, was legitimised as the new empress by the Assemblies. Nine months into her reign, Empress Sylva handed over her functions as head of government to the two High Chancellors, changing the empire into a constitutional monarchy.

Peoples of Garyiala

Many different people call Garyiala their home. Within Garyiala there are a handful of recognized ethnicities. The majority of Garyialans, about two thirds of the population, identifies as Qual Garyialan. The other third of the population identifies themselves as one of the other minor recognized ethnicities, for example Rurzani and Utrurg.
Throughout Garyiala, the most adhered to religion is Kysan, Garyialan native folk religion. When Kysan originated is unknown, and many aspects and rituals have become ingrained in Garyialan culture over time. Kysan is not mutually exclusive with any other religion and many Garyialans adhere to both Kysan and the other major religion of Garyiala: Bel Senir, the holy religion of the Mother and the Father. In the year 829 SD it took a hold in Garyiala and quickly spread out to become a major religion.


For many years, mages have been advisors to the crown with a Grand Archmagus as one of the members of the five Grand Officials in past centuries, and currently a Chancellor of the Office of Arcana. The mages who do not want to be involved with politics are still on good terms with the ones who do, and they often hold their own council.
The schooling of the mystically gifted in Garyiala dates back many centuries. Mages occasionally took on apprentices, some more than others, but the first school was set up during the time of the Three dynasties, and likely led to the victory of the Oloria dynasty over the other countries with which it was at war. At that time, all legally registered youths were allowed to partake in the Test of Mystical Affinity. Upon passing the test, they would be trained in the mystical arts. However, the legal system at the time did not recognize people born in the lower ring to have an officially registered family name, and thus these people were not allowed to partake in the Test of Mystical Affinity. One of these people was Rigma Sharflame, now national hero and most revered Grand Magus of all time. It was Rigma who properly developed the practice of transformation of magic, and established Sharflame Academy in 2064 SD. Nowadays, Sharflame Academy is seen as the most elite and prestigious academy where young mages are trained to join the Garyialan Magier Corps of the National Garyialan Army.
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Controlled Territories

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