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The Utrurg people are native to the Stodor Desert, in both Garyiala and Utreas. While water and vegetation is scarce in the desert, and umbar trees near habitable areas even scarcer, Utrurg have made the desert their home.


As an Ecryan people, Utrurg have warm olive skin and hair the colour of the earth, ranging from desert sand to rich fertile soil. Their ears are only slightly pointed and their eyes have the colour of sardonyx.



The Utrurg are nomadic herders, mainly keeping large-horned cattle, sheep and goats. Herds are moved several times a year, with tribes migrating up and down the Vogar River. In the summer season, when other rivers also flow into the desert, tribes migrate south and return north when the rivers dry up.
Only few tribes have settled in small villages near the Vogar river and taken up a sedentary agricultural lifestyle.


As Mirror lake in the west of the Stodor is a saline lake, wheat and rye from the Gar and Reva Riverlands has been traded for salt for many centuries. Salt trade eventually also moved west across the mountains towards Utreas, and nowadays even Taklasilin countries.
As contact between civilizations increased and a trade-route was established through the desert, some Utrurg tribes started to offer themselves for hire as guides through the desert. With their superior knowledge on the locations of fresh water and umbars, travel through the Stodor with an Utrurg guide guarantees survival.
Stodor Desert
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