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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region
A total of 486 entries

Ashwesh, or the desert folk of Askariah

The Daizelee Zryan

New Babylonians are among the happiest in the world?

The Daemon Peoples

Whithamian Golds

Half Glacial Giant

Luaithre - the ash folk

Green Snake Kobold Clan

Quintessential Genies

Ilagiit People of the Frozen Wastes

Children of Sewers

The Vanaran, the Shades of the Sands

Silver Elf Culture

Inuit tribes from Terrearth living on Titan - Prompt #13 an ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region

Pirates of Swagscale Point

The Kingdom of Scotland and the Scots

Fjallbar of Jhontai

The Tannery Rats - people

Undercity Dwellers

Erumë: Desert Elves

Raurindi desert tribes

Taless'variodel aka The Cold Survivors

Children of the Bark

Ilnetian Light Fae

Deep Librarial Tribes

The Grippli of the Southern Gnarls

Beastborn Tundra Tribes

794.II, 32 Meoii: Abbie's farm

Sprouting a Solution

Northern Skulls Dwarves

Royal Household of Brossal

The aberrations of the Eleventh World

Mount Oberhide Tribes

Asuras of the nameless

The Hidden of Baron's Point


Banana Tree Spirits

D'zjariae: Those with Nothing

The Si’Venerra Court

The Clans of Moak

Basalt Divers of the Teneran Deep

Kimaran Basiners

Nagal Civilization

The Four Tribes of Solamira

Silver claw tribe

Remaining Edwistburgians

Corrupted monstrosities

Southwild Lycean

Space Truckers -- Ex Terra, et nunc inter astra*

Tribes of Kinnitak-Ujagak

The Space Station Hermits

Traders of the North

A Mountainous People

Sumichou Underground

Wasteland Bat People

The black dwarves

The Demon Caravans of Kyoinotomi

éüsőn prónü évonroüsn

East Colassian mountain goblins

The Paupers of Çarimbal

The Miners of Veira-X97

The Goliath City of Do'Toh

Umoyaleyn of the Moiyeli Swamplands

Forscher der verfluchten Küste

The Desert Sirens: A Mysterious People of Song - By Koraki S. Kanosis

White Bear ethnicity

The Dwarves of Ur Gazia