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The Daizelee Zryan

High atop the mountains existed a daintier race of kinfolk known as the Daizelee Zryans. A happier kind of folk, the DZ’s were known for their jolly moods, big smiles, and constant laughter. Practical pranksters of the truest intention, the DZ children ranged between small and tall bundles of joy, creativity, and imagination. Raised through the purest of loves by their Hanotoms and Emmies, DZ children were watched over carefully to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.   Because of their knowledge of and experience with the purest of loves, DZ children became a prized commodity to the Lost Stolz; a species of Beast born unable to feel. Their senses of sight, smell, taste, and hearing are flawless, and in some cases could be considered almost advanced. Their inability to feel physically, mentally, nor emotionally makes for a difficult life in a world full of sensory need. Yet to be exposed to the wrongdoings of the world, raised with the purest loves and the purest intentions, it is believed by the Lost Stolz “to drink the blood of a DZ child is to be filled with the purest of feels and emotions”, a quote from the leader of the Lost Stolz, himself. Matej.   Those unfortunate enough to find themselves captured and whisked away to the homelands of the Lost Stolz were fed, cut, and bled to their last vein dry. Because Lost Stolz understood the longer each child was kept alive and producing the greenest and purest blood in the lands, the longer their hordes could feed and feel, DZ children were almost fatally bled dry during each draining period. Stopping drainage at the last possible moment and providing the children nourishment until they had an ample supply of healthy green blood to provide again, then bleeding them almost fatally dry again, and repeating the cycle until the child is no longer able to produce. Once a DZ child has withstood and lived through too much their blood runs a deep, bright shade of blue, signaling the blood is no longer pure and that the child would soon be killed. To escape certain death and postpone the kidnappings of other DZ children, the already captured souls have created ways to keep themselves and their blood pure.

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