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Some call them Stormchasers, willing to fight the weather too violent even for the valiant. But most of us just call them crazy.
— A prominent leader in the Garruw community
    With the name for their group derived from the words for "crazy" and "traveler", most people who name the Yomtofi can easily guess what kind of people they are. And it is a term they embrace wholeheartedly.   The Yomtofi reside in the Giraorv Mountain mditneyr̀ (province) north of the Agarruta Drei. The original settlers chose this area because it was all but uninhabitable by a Garruw, due to the high winds and heavy levels of airborne debris.   Originally, the people who came there went because they were driven out as criminals. The exact nature of this criminality is presently unknown, but it is believed to be scientific in nature. Nowadays, they are lauded for their tenacity and strength, as well as for the scientific discoveries that have come out of the area, especially in the areas of gravitational anomalies and meteorology.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak their own dialect of Grazu, the common language of the Garruw. Since they depend heavily on outside resources to survive, the language adapts with those around it and remains in parallel development, unlike other dialects that

Shared customary codes and values

Their most common creed is "to flow with the winds," stemming from the techniques necessary to fly in the area. They are traditionally spectacular fliers.   Despite the name including the term for travelers, they tend to stay within the region, not going a lot of places. Within the region, however, it is essential to pack up their homes and move ever so often, to avoid tornado regions.

Major organizations

A subculture of the Garruw.
Encompassed species

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