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Giraorv Mountain

Thaiterra is a planet of violent storms and strange creatures, and the Garruw are unquestionably at the top of the food chain. As a species that can literally eat a storm for breakfast, who use the gales to propel themselves to work, they are at ease with the most frightening places of the world.   It should be significant, then, that even they find Giraorv Mountain dangerous.


While the mountain is formidable, it's the whole area that is terrifying. It's full of strong sunlight and few clouds, and a strong windstorm that blows constantly, no matter what. At the center is the mountain, forming a nexus point for the breeze.   The winds are strong enough that they frequently draw up rocks from the ground and hurl them around, making the area a vortex of sharp rock pieces. Even the Garruw have trouble navigating the mess.


There is a surprising amount of life to be found in this location, close to the ground. The low plants, and things like snakes and other creatures that stay low to the ground do very well here. The overall lack of water can cause some difficulties, but groundwater keeps things growing, and works quite well with the low nature of the plants that can survive the winds.

Localized Phenomena

There are less electrical storms in this location, which would seem to be a good thing, until one considers how much of Thaiterra's environment is adapted to work within the storms. Here the winds are so constantly fierce that it drives away most of the normal weather, replaced by windstreams and violent hail.   The most prominent of the phenomena in the area is the mountain itself, which somehow hovers in the air, at least three meters above the ground, with a constant stream of air around it coiling and making it almost impossible to land.
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Death Mountain, Berv-Am ("Storm Eye")
Mountain / Hill
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