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Bamay is a Garruw town that can be found at the southeast end of the mountains centered in Agarruta Drei. The town was founded as a base for a Metatrium mine and a refinery that sprang up nearby, and eventually became a trade hub for the metal.


Due to the resource they deal in, Bamay is remarkably independent from the other governments around them. They still fall under the Agarruta Drei authorities, and under the global authorities further, but have a significant degree of control over what they do with their resource.

Industry & Trade

Most Bamani are involved in the metatrium trade in some way or another, and those who aren't are usually in some kind of support role, like food gathering or medical matters.


The mines are a crucial part of the settlement, as are the refineries. Surprising to most not aware of economics, they also have a significant trading building that is used by the entire region to make deals for the metatrium they might need.

Guilds and Factions

There are a handful of guilds and factions that center primarily around the three main industries in Bamay: mining, refining, and trade. Mining doesn't have the best reputation among the Garruw, since it takes place primarily underground and their domain of comfort is the sky. But that doesn't prevent these miners from having a huge stake in the town's industry, due in large part to a major strike that occurred a few centuries back when they objected to the way they were treated. As it turned out, the need for metatrium was greater than the need to keep the refiners in power.     Beyond those groups, there are also smaller factions centered around scientific research centered on the metatrium, and those who craft with the metal instead of shipping the ingots elsewhere.
Large town
650 (which is a lot for Garruw)
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