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Rildhudzhant Metallurgical Library and Spa

Rildhudzhant, called Zhant for short, is more than just a simple library or a spa. It is the premier vacation spot of the Agarruta Drei. As the town grew from a simple collection of knowledge, the name remained the same, but now it no longer properly encompasses the sheer spectacle that this town is capable of.   Beyond the libraries and spas, the area is also known for its excellent restaurants, and for a rather raucous festival that occurs every year that includes one of the most spectacular non-natural pyrotechnics displays in the world. There's also something of an underground demand for psychedelic mushrooms, theoretically to allow for the best possible relaxation.


Their defenses are whatever people bring with them, combined with the good reputation of the people who come who would not wish to be the subject of scandal.


Zhant began as a home. A researcher from Bamay grew tired of living in such close proximity to the mines and refineries, and sought to take her research to  a less chaotic place. She took with her a significant collection of works on metallurgy and the processes around the Metatrium industry.   She discovered soon that the area was full of many relaxing things, not the least of which was a sand suitable for polishing scales, a mud treatment excellent for moisturizing the skin of the wings, and hot springs with a high mineral content that was quite healthful. So she expanded, and told other metallurgists about the area.   They brought their books with them, and eventually one of them brought enough business acumen to make something of the area. Things grew and expanded, until Rildhudzhant was the foremost resort town in the area.


There are usually at least a thousand tourists in the town at any given moment, plus about two hundred seasonal workers, and any assorted number of support staff that the tourists might bring with them to supplement the people in Zhant.


Zhant is built on the mountain, like most Garruw architecture, but it takes advantage of vertical levels in a way that most don't. The spa facilities are located within the mountains, in carefully constructed, excavated and extended caves, to allow for privacy and isolation. The libraries are kept within constructed spires, carefully maintained and insulated from the storms, made easily accessible. The famed Metallurgical Library is the largest of these spires.
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