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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behaviour
A total of 395 entries

Frais the Pleasure Town

Coeilgrite - The Grand Atocite of VeilPlise

Septum of Theron Beach

Mistress Moni's Marble Manor

Eirdlouð District

The Magic Land is open again

Mina Mafuqudan: The Port of the Lost- By Koraki Kanosis

Old Palace Grounds

Rildhudzhant Metallurgical Library and Spa

Theomar's Terrific Town

The Wandering City of Banrano

City of Trelmond

The Southeast District

Town of painful worship of the shadow god

The Free City of Rapture

The British Parliament

The Golden Palace of Sahk'Al Vahlk

The Channels of Istadt

Bath House in Montsilt

Nightshine's Circus of Indulgences

Ïorreg's Homestead

Goblin Luxury City

New Angeles on Gaia in the Atlas System - Prompt #24 a settlement known as a pleasure town

The Pleasure Domes of Exon-5

Four Quarters of Dunstan Desert: Dirio’s Den of Debauchery

Tailchaser's Alley in Baron's Point


The Floating Islands

Crimson Triangle

Red Crossing Red Light District

"It's not polite to bring a gun to a knife fight"

Oraiana - the Forgotten Valley

Arensande (Redhill)

Glimmermist Springs

Casshire Island

The Court of Disorder

The Nightsun Neighborhood

The Gem of the Copper Isles

The Isle of Restructured Dreams

Distrito del Palacio

Halls of the Great Feast

Nethilorn, the City That Always Dies

Lussa's Grand Temple and Lussarik

Fay's Pleasure Barge

Wyausolsnuh: City of Five Roads

City of Birdland

Glow City Red District

The bridge quarter

Flowers and Swords Ward

Silver Gate District