Port d'Azur

  • Tropical fortified city and trade hub
  • Run by the seven Femean Trade barons of Femean
  • Located at the Nyrian Archipelago
  • One of the first Imperial settlements.
  • Major trade hub
  • Main market place of Pleasure Dolls
  • Infamous for its gambling and debauchery dens
  • The Headquares of the South Nyria Company SNC and the biggest shipyard and drydock in the Lydian Archipelago
  • Apart from the common brothels the city hosts 5 high class "emporiums of pleasure" which serve as brothels for the elite or those with a very deep pocket.
  • The Emporiums of Pleasure are run by indipendant Femean Nobles but all pay tribute to the South Lydia Trade Company
  • The houses own and use Eledhrim doll slaves created to fullfil the wildest fantasies of their clientelle and offer a variety of services that cannot even be talked about in most polite society without making ladies faint.
  • In addition to dolls the houses offer a variety of drugs and hallucinogenics brought from deep within the Nyrian Jungles
  • Many of the dolls are trained as canaries and are put on cages levitating in the middle of extravagant halls to sing for the clients.
  • Dolls are estimated that can live for upwards of seven hundred years. When a girl or boy is used up and no longer brining the revenue that used to, it is auctioned out as part of glorious feasts to the highest bidder.
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