Nyrian Jungles

The inner continent of Nyria, beyond the coast line and the outer forests, is cursed with some of the most treacherous, bug-infested, monster-haunted, poisonous, prickly and downright horrible terrain that I have yet to come across. To be avoided at all costs. Let me be clear - if it can crawl on you, fly in your face, bite you, poison you, suck your blood or fall and crush you... it exists here.


The jungles traverse a vast space, the entire of the interior continent of Nyria. Within them are every kind of feature you can image, from lakes and caves, to mountains and valleys, and even a line of volcanoes in their centre.  


The majority of the jungles of Nyria are tropical, rainforest jungles. Very tall trees create a canopy which separates the biome in several segments - the treetops, the trunks and the forest floor. Warm temperatures and frequent rain make this a lush, verdant space, full of life vying to survive.   To the north, the jungle becomes hotter and more dessicated, passing first to Mediterranean scrubland and, in the very north, to dry desert as it approaches the Everflame.   To the south, the jungle becomes temperate forest, and then icy tundra as it approaches towards the Evernight  


The damp, humid jungle is home to all varieties of water-laying insects and amphibians, as well as reptiles and mammals. There are fish and other water-life in the waterways. The most significant features of jungle creatures are:
  • The abundance of mutated species: since the central jungles are so dangerous, when the spores from Achelois / Verda fall here, they are not patrolled. This means that various monstrous, transformed species frequently develop
  • Many hexapodal creatures: as in much of Lyra, there are many species which are based not on a four limb structure, but a six-limb structure (such as the dragons of the @Eledrim)
  • Astonishing bio-diversity: the abundance of life and the fast mutations from Verda mean that life is incredibly varied here - if you can imagine it, it probably lives here!


The ancients built the heart of their civilisation here, and the jungle is littered with important ancient ruins.  


  There may be numerous factions and splinter groups, like the Twisted Sisters, hiding in the depths of the Nyrian Jungles.
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