Twisted Sisters

Greetings, Sister. Misfortune is daubed thick on our Twisted faces, on our broken wings and fragile bodies. Kindness, given and recieved, is all we have left. And with it, we welcome you.
— The Traditional Greeting of the Twisted Sisters
  The Twisted Sisters are a refugee Culture, a haven of harmless souls who underwent an unsuccessful Transformation and suffer from the Twisted condition on of the great plagues of Lyra  Whilst most Twisted are considered besital corruptions of their former selves, some retain their mind, and even their personality. Nevertheless, any Twisted are hunted like animals. Those who escape usually flee deep into the Nyrian jungle where, hopefully, the Twisted Sisters find them before the vicious megafauna.   Rumours of the Twisted Sisters abound amongst the nations of Eledrihm - some discount them as a mere legend, invented to frighten children, whilst others would gladly hunt them down as montrosities, were the jungles of Nyria not so dangerous.

Founding and Origins

The Twisted Sisters, contrary to the name, are a mixed-gender organization, although the first founders were three sisters, countless centuries ago. Legendary among the organization, Fiarla, Nagaisë and Tuterëa fled with their newly-born, Twisted children, after an incompetant Transformation Guid ruined their in utero Transformations. Although physically abnormal, their children, brought up in a loving environment, became kind and successful people who were pillars of the Twisted Sisters, and began the tradition of combing the jungle for escaped Twisted, and welcoming them to the group.   Today, the group is still led by three "Sisters", who take the honorary names of Fiarla, Nagaisë and Tuterëa when they are elected to rule. Members of the group are referred to as Sister regardless of gender.


The Twisted Sisters live deep in the Nyrian jungle, just like their ancestors. They inhabit the antechambers of an ancient temple, finding the step pyramid structure and stone walls help them defend againt the terrifying creatures of the Nyrian Archipelago. The stepds of the pyramid theselves have been turned into a stunning garden full of fruits and vegetables, and traps and small hunting-gathering parties provide the rest of the food and fuel necessary for the group's Survival 

Adventure Hooks

  • The temple beyond the antechambers has been largely unexplored, but recently stange noises have been heard. The current Fiarla, Nagaisë and Tuterëa disagree whether or not it should be explored, but surely riches wait inside.
  • A rogue flying dinosaur has been seen circling the temple - whether a scout or a predator, the Twisted Sisters want it gone.
  • The Twisted Sisters are a closed community, and will be interested in trading for weapons and advanced goods
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    It's always an adventure at Juniper's Damned Alehouse, where even the chairs are trying to pick you up.
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