The bloody things that attacked our camp had wings, claws, extra arms and I don't know what! I'm telling you, this isn't the choas mutation of Verda - this is careful, calculated, weaponised. It's Transformation.
— Klaas Marsinger, Explorer of the Arsanger Trader Company 
A recent discovery in the Old World, the ancient art of Transformation has been practised by the Eledhrim .

What is Transformation?

Transformation is a process of physical body modification practised by the Eledhrim   of Nyria. It allows sentient beings to manifest extraordinary abilities, from wings, claws and additional arms to super strength, astonishing dexterity and the ability to breath underwater. As many things in Lyra, the core power that helps manifest these changes in the individual is Anima, the force of will made potent in the world.   

Who can perform Transformation?

Transformations are traditionally performed through a series of guided meditations. There are as many, or more, different cults of transformation among the Eledhrim  as there are nations, and each specialise in a different area. That said, anyone who can win the favour of a Transformation guide, and is Attuned (i.e. can use Anima) can undergo transformation.  

What is possible through Transformation?

Theoretically, any kind of physical metamorphosis is possible through Transformation. It is simply a matter of will made flesh - literally! However, there are two main kinds of Transformations - healing transformations and modification transformations.  

Healing Transformations:

Whether a person was born with a disability or congenital defect, or they have acquired one over time, Transformation can allow them to "correct" repair or even re-grow their physical irregularity. This includes (but is not limited to) regrowing eyes, hands, livers, hearts, skin and any other physical body parts. Mental irregularities are much harder to fix, but successful attempts are not unheard of.     Since it's easier to imagine for the patient, healing transformations do not require specialised guidance, and any Transfomation guide can help a patient through them.  

Modification Transformations

Modification transformations are additions to the body which take it outside of the norm in some way - usually these are positive traits such as super strength or dexterity, astonishing eagle-eye vision, overwhelming beauty, or water breathing. They might also be more extreme physical modifications, such as wings, claws, or tails.   It is also possible for these transformations to be made in utero by pregnant women hoping to manifest special abilities in their children.   Due to increasing hostililities between theselves and with the rise of the colonists on the shores of Nyria, the Eledhrim have been creating incresing numbers of Transformed warriors to defend their ways of life.   

What happens if Transformation goes wrong?

Not every transformation is successful, however. Due to breaks in concentration, a lack of proper anima, a rushed ceremony or even an inexperienced Transformation Guide, mistakes can occur. Sometimes these are small - a weakness in the wings which becomes apparent only over time, or fantastic long distant vision with an inability to see closer objects. Other times, the transformation process can warp the transformed in something monstrous - the Twisted. Driven mad with pain, these beings are no longer considered sapient, but horrific warning tales of how the Transformation process should not be abused. They are hunted down and eradicated, as they often prove dangerous to nearby settlements and travellers.
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