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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a new medical cure, treatment or breakthrough
A total of 530 entries

Solution for the lack of appetite

Panacea Ultima, Alnea and Earth

Tolean Wildflower Cancer Treatment

Kesotaru Procedure/Circlet

Water of Light - Prompt #3 New Medical Cure, Treatment, or Breakthrough

Prefrontal Leucotomy with Cephalid Larvae

Pointer Salve / Creshnal's Apology

Domenech's Ability Restorers

Imperial Spas of Ambergris

Druidic Medicine of Ildonia

Amodjur, Reinheit durch flüssiges Feuer

Yarik protocols for the treatment of sensory stupor

Life Force Crystallization

Always eat your fruit & vegetables!

Bidadari Potion of Draconic Rebirth

Tranquilizer Compound Potions, Balms, and Other Medicines

The Discovery of the Workings of the Fading and the Resulting Treatment

Dermal Rejuvenation Treatment

Physical Therapy and Strength Training {WASC 2021}

Improvements to Gnomish Surgery Procedures

Lacuna Amplification Module L.A.M.

Tech-Crystal of the Elements

Trauma Prevention with the controlled dose of flavenin

The Azrin Of Hawkesburn cure

Temporal-Mental Displacement

The ancient restorative and enhancer

Lemirus based Rejuvenation Potions

Rossway Rapacious Beaver Oil

alchemical poison detection

The Windflower, a cure for Windis

Handel's Handy Healing Hands Hand

Elemental Immersion Therapy

New Treatment for Fury Contagion

The Secret Rituals of Soul Capture

Électuaire de dévampirisation

GrowLimb, A Gnomish Alchemy Breakthrough


Biomedical Synthetic Flesh

Potion of Lesser Restoration

DrakuMantari - Medication for Dragon Pox By Natas B. Kanosis

Fezem, The Fen Szem Cure-All

Regenerative Corruption Cure

The Togglereach Celestial Treatment and Herbal Regimen

Experimental Medicine Research Outpost

Research on the Possible Link between Elemental Fading and Relationships

The Entirely Legal and Completely Permissible Practice of the Blood Mage

Curse of Lycanthrope Prevention Enchantment

Predimus' Restorative Apertures

Treatment of Battle Fatigue with Immature Star Mushroom Spores

A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Galactical Acne

Kitab al-Tasrif | The Method of Medicine

Mental Reformation and Resurrection

Anti-Parasitic Concoction Treatment

Inverted Lungflush And Purge Procedure

Augmented External Birthing Chambers

Tassiér Healthcare Industries Nanites - Cerebral