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Prompt 3: Fire Tonic

Fire Tonic has made life better for many who call the frozen lands or the slums home. Though it may have some side effects, it has become important to always carry a fire tonic with you when dealing with extreme cold or frost stingers. - a hunter in the frozen lands
    Fire Tonic was a special treatment to deal with the effects of extreme cold. Designed to warm the body and deal with the effects of frost blood. This medical breakthrough was made by Doctor Ludin as one of her many medical miracles. A means to aid those who were unlucky enough to get stung by a frost stinger.   Many in the slums take it to deal with the lack of heating for some of the people to poor to pay their bill. Though if taken to often it can cause the drinker's base temperature to rise higher than normal.

Doctor Ludin's Miracle Cure

    The new fire tonic has given a cure to the dreaded frost blood that nearly overtook the city. Thanks to Doctor Ludin, we now have a cure for the infection that has killed many who call Salire home. Many can't wait to get their hands on a bottle to protect themselves from a slow agonizing death. - The Salire Times Article
Access & Availability
It is a very common tonic that is mass produced in order to supply the city and workers of the frozen land with a means to survive frost blood. Though with the added use of being able to keep people warm, it has grown in popularity for those less likely to afford the heating bills in dire times.
It was discovered by Doctor Ludin who was dealing with an outbreak of frost blood thanks to the infestation of frost stingers in one of the slum apartments. Through her task of taking care of her patients she figured that by heating up their temperature for awhile they could over come the frost stinger venom and survive the frost blood effects.

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