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Puppetting (Puppet-ting)

Puppetting is a non-invasive medical procedure used to restore or aid in the restoration of limb mobility.


Extensive Research has been made since 1899 on the Field of restorative magic, with a strong focus on using it to re-establish the mobility in limbs. By studying the processes of Practicioners and the various methods used to restore the Undead, new Approaches, which were ultimately deemed sufficient, were discovered.

Access & Availability

Currently a Study on the Scalability of the Treatment is done in the Brossal Hospital of the loving Brethren which also serves to see the extent to which this Treatment can be used.

Further Studies will be required before the therapy can be applied outside medical trails to ensure the constant drain of a persons Essence does not reveal itself to be more harmful than the original condition. However, current predictions and measurements seem promising.


For Patients who have lost sensory input of one or more limbs, Puppetting can restore most of the use of the limb.

A magical double is created and linked to the Patients existing limb, it is usually laterally displaced for easier visual reference of the patient.

In a six-month-long rehabilitation cycle, a Patient learns to move the new magical limb and how to interpret the new sensory input provided through the bond.

With each day, the new limb is moved closer towards the existing limb, until it is settled exactly at the center, where it is then attached.

After this is complete, moving the magical Limb will move the existing one, in the same way.

Patients without remaining physical limbs can make use of artificial extremities and some more adventurous Patients that were born without one or more limbs (and are not biased towards what their limbs should be capable of), have reported great success in adapting to irregular prosthetics that mimic those of animals or fulfill specific physical requirements.


Currently, the full restoration of Legs proofs to be extremely complicated as the required swiftness for upright walking requires immense concentration and mental coordination.

However, Patients without Legs have been quick to point out that this specific lack, allows the brain to concentrate on two additional extremities akin to "clumsy Arms and Hands".

Instead of using a Prosthetic, the raw magical Projections are used to move the Patients Wheelchair (or crutches), relieving the Torso and reducing the strength requirements for the Patients immensely while also keeping the phsysical Hands and Arms free for other Tasks.


Access & Availability
Through Clinical Trial

A perfect Name

The Name for Puppetting was coined by Isla Fran Borgen, the first Patient to agree to test the Therapy, as the disconnect between what the restored Limb can feel and how it feels while moved, invoked the mental Image of her telling a Stage-Hand how to move the Limb, which they would then do, like a Puppet.

Ultimately, the Name superseeded all "proper and medical" Names and remained as the official Name for the Procedure as well as the inofficial Name for the restoration of a Limb which is mentioned as: puppetting ones Limb.


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