Practictioners are People specializing in restoring Bodies through different mundane and magical means. People working as Practicioners are medical specialists akin to Surgeons.

It is uncommon for the living to visit a Practicitioner, but it can prove useful in cases of severe accidents or if a more creative approach to medicine is required.


Practicioners is a shortened Form of Practicioners of the Dark Arts, which is an antiquated term that was used for almost all magical professions throughout history. It is still in use today to make the professional category distinct from surgeons which don't use magical means to aid in operations or healing.

Common Tasks

Undead are the main clientele of a Practitioner and as such, most prominent tasks involve working on them:

  • Hydration of Bones reduces wear and tear on the locomotor system of a Undead person by keeping surfaces that rub against each other smooth and lubricated
  • Installation of artificial joints
  • Skeletonization, a process whereas an Undead is stripped of its flesh for either practical or vanity reasons

This list is not exhaustive but provides a general overview.

Untitled by Konrad Starke
Portrait of an unknown Practicioner, 1854

Coy Undead

In an article about a public poll from 1904, the Daily Black Board, reported that an overwhelming percentage of Undead prefered to visit a living Practitioner.

The article did not sufficiently explain as to why.

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