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Bardic Tradition

The Bardic Tradition, referred to as the new Bardic Tradition in Historical context, was a restructuring of the previously practiced Principle of Bards of four Talents.

As defined in the new Bardic Tradition, there is now a singular Bardic College at Belvenille which incorporates the four Schools of Bardic Talents: School of Bards, School of Laymen, School of Minstrels, School of Poets, and a Security Branch known as the School of Whispers.

Bardic Talents

As first defined in the Principle of Bards of four Talents, each School represents a dedicated function a Bard may pursue:

  • Bards are Entertainers for the common crowd and spend most of their days traveling
  • Laymen are actors and perform on renowned stages and theaters
  • Minstrels are tasked to amuse people of noble birth or at court. Usually specializing in heraldry, ballroom dancing and courtly gossip
  • Poets also include Historians, Philosphers and Writers, are concerned with the written word

Each Talent also represents a matching set of magical abillities and skills that is taught at Belvenille.

School of Whispers

This school and its graduates ensure the neutrality of the College and protect Bards from prosecution. The involvement is appropriate to the status of the Bard, reaching from providing legal assistance for fresh graduates to open war.


Before the restructuring into the new Bardic Tradition, there were distinct Colleges for each Talent.

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