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Brossal Hospital of the loving Brethren

The Brossal Hospital of the loving Brethren is a medical institution located in the center of Brossal and is the oldest Hospital in Drusseodia.

It is internationally known for its Chronic Healing Fatigue research and treatment facilities.

Purpose / Function

Beside the obvious task of handling and treating patients, it's also Drusseodias primary Medical University and most working in a curative profession will have visited at least once for expert training.

It is also a prime location to find many related Occupations in it's vicinity such as Cobblers or Practicioners. Beyond that most non-traditional Dwarves, non-traditional Elves, or Avres thinking about bearing children in Brossal will do so at the Hospital.


Most recent addition to the Building itself was the construction of the CHF-Ward able to treat 2500 inpatients yearly.


Architect Augustra Fran Lidaborg has incorporated many Themes and stylistic Notes of her Home Nation Lidaborg with wide and flat Buildings and open Walkways inside the Building.

A hurting Person in a sickbed is like a frightened Animal, it will want to leave with all its strength. Rooms with high Ceilings, rooms with many many Windows and Doors towards the Sky outside. Those change it to a save den, a Place of mentally as well as physical Rest
— Augustra Fran Lidaborg in an Interview with the Daily Black Board

Not all sharing her Profession share also her Vision, often criticizing the open floor plan as a gross disregard for proper medical procedures such as proper sterilization.


A recent trend has been to visit the Hospital and have a Photograph made while Walking away from it, in a way, symbolizing not to require the Services of the Insitute.

As long as Emergency Roads are kept clear, I see no harm in this little act of public defiance. If it is any consolation, I, personally, am more than happy to never see a Patient again, if it means, they all are keeping well.
— Primarius Angelescha Borgmanm, Chief Medical Officer Brossal Hispital of the loving Brethren


Founding Date
Parent Location

Prominent Guests

A bit of an open secret is that the top floor of the east wing is reserved for "Patients in need of Detoxification", or in common words, sleeping through their Hangover.

Many famous and infamous people have supposedly stayed at the Hospital, and some even have to use its services frequently. At the top of the List, Simon Priest.

That is a flat out lie and whoever tell such foul things about me needs to get shot!

I've never visited the Hospital and I absolutely have no "See You Soon" Mug with my Name on it
Simon Priest, renowned Bard and Entertainer

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