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Cyberization is the process of replacing tissue, muscle, bones, or organs, usually damaged, with superior robotic counterparts. This process was invented by Mu based on the way Admiral Anita was converted in order to save Gamma, who was on death's door.   Though Gamma was given several built-in weapons and upgrades in the process, Dotz concluded many years later that he could easily use a tamer version of the process to fix severe ailments and damage. When he arrived on Earth, he was at first reluctant to apply the treatment so easily, but he discovered that people would intentionally get themselves hurt or infected in order to become cyberized. This was eventually remedied when Dr Luck released a PSA detailing the cyberization process, and how slow and agonizing it can truly be at times.   It should be noted that though Gamma got weapon implants during his surgery, Dotz refuses to allow anyone to get weapon implants without special clearance from Admiral Anita, Veritas, or Jaxith, depending on where the person in question hails from.   People who are denied clearance will sometimes turn to the black market, where they can find many unlicensed doctors willing to provide similar, lower-quality weapon implants for a fee. Because of the way the wiring works, and the inexperience of the doctors, many patients who seek this method tend to go berserk, going on violent sprees of destruction sometime after their surgery. Because of this, authority figures are very strict about needing a weapons permit when weapon implants are detected.

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