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Scarlet Cocktail


  Clutching his bloodied hands together, doctor Morlove stared at the scene infront. The scent of iron breathed into his lungs as the lakes were all painted red. The corpses lingering around the ghost town which was once his homeland. The sparking flames whistling from tattered banners and scorched flags.   The vision faded from his eyes, madness all, sinister thoughts to guide his own hand to slaughter brothers and sisters with nothing but glee in his heart. Though he knew it was wrong and twisted, one could not resist the command of their infernal masters.   Aloft he held their blood, the vial of putrid demonic residues boiled in the alchemical flames of arcana.   As he drank the poison he could feel the voices shriek in wrath and pain. His eyes glowing fire, as the world once more contorted through nightmarish figures. His veins set ablaze in righteous fury, as the demons surrounded him. Dread in their eyes as he sized them up with rekindled strength.   "Though my heart beats unbridled fury, I will never let you devious kin serve me as a tool to ruin that which I love, but the flame you lit in me will soon set ablaze your own schemes."  

The cure:

  Brewn from the chaotic blood of demons that have been treated by magical means to counter the spread of corruption, much like the antidote of any other venom, the Scarlet Cocktail is only one of the many breakthroughs in demonic repellants forged by the Morkadian civilization.   First made by Dr. Morlove Locus to prevent his own Infernal Bloodkiss from taking over his mind, the concoction has served many more Morkadians targeted by demonic schemes.   Though unkown to factions outside of the wartorn kingdom, many other cultures have still speculated, or are still speculating around the possibilities of such an antidote. Some having gone so far as to create various weaker versions of the Scarlet Cocktail such as the Peregonian blessed blood, Barrkadian anti-daemonium and the Occult Hunters blessed salts to fight possessions and corruptions.   Though some of these cures could easily be made more efficent than their current states, the morality questions was never asked in Morkadia. Likely because their isolated bastion never faced any demons that wished them well.  

Side effects:

Except for the disgusting taste and it's ability to make all demons nearby feel disturbed and uneasy, side effects of the scarlet cocktail involve both physical and mental consequences.   The physical ones mostly depend on genes and how far the corruption has already gone. Extra parts like horns, tails, scaley parts of skin or reptile like eyes are quite commonly developed from long term usage of the antidote. Though they are often treated when possible or covered up, the changes are oddly not taboo within society. Perhaps because people rather see their loved ones wearing horns over unintentionally stabbing others.   The mental side effects that follow are far harder to treat but thankfully doesn't make people insane or dangerous, altough merely just a bit crazy. The effects quite likely resemble how most people act while under weak alcoholic effects, such as being giggly, energic and generaly ready to party hard. Ironically it can even make people kinder than they normally are, but would be a far too pricey and extreme cure against less happy and nice people, not to mention the moral problems and issues of making half of society happy fools.   On a sidenote, it's these very effects that caused the cure to be named as a cocktail rather than anything more formal. That and the fact Dr. Morlove himself is a perfect example of these consequences.

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