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Hello my friends! :D I am a simple swedish person with something of a dream. To create my own fantasy world that draws a lot from real history but also carries it's own personal takes. I don't shy away from the bad sides either, and love to, in some form, show the perspective to all sides of a story, so that you as a writer are not just shoved in the face, this is good or this is bad. I want you to pick your own side. Who is your hero, who is your villain, which race and culture would you rather be a part of?   This is how my mind works, always overthinking, asking why, how and what. It's a blessing and a curse that constantly keep me discussing with myself, like an inner dialogue. Atleast world-building is a way for me to help myself make a sense of my gift/curse. If I can manage to get others to also enjoy what my mind come up with, thats even better. And lastly, I -love- listening to others ideas and thoughts, so don't threat commenting on my articles or even DMing me on discord. -Tonarus AKA Cheesecake   (Yes, I am obsessed with cheesecake...)

Interests & Hobbies

I love world building and Role-playing, but I'm quite interested in anything creative really. I'm also quite interested both in sports and studying. Yeah, sure... I'm easy too amuse.

Favorite Movies

Van Helsing, The Expendables and XXX the second lvl

Favorite Books

The Dwarves by Markus Hetiz and The name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Favorite Games

Van Helsing triology, Gmod, Total War: Warhammer 1-2 and various shooters.

Latest Loved work

Sir Lagris, The Brightener

Ironia The Zombie

Grip of the Mind Thieves, Chapter 7: Underground Enlightenment

The Talismans of Emati-Asémar

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