Feel Good Juice

Need a little pep in your step? Kids stressing you out? Maybe your boss is starting to look punchable, even? Well look no further, 'cuz Uncle Zuggi here has just the thing to reignite that spark in your soul! The next time you visit The Midnight Kingdom or a Kobold's Crockpot pick up your free sample of my patented Feel Good Juice and see if it just might change your life.
— A commercial Zuggi Jewelseeker filmed himself.
Not all medical "breakthroughs" have well intentions, or even work at all. Zuggi Jewelseeker's Feel Good JuiceTM is a recent invention he wrangled up in a scummy basement somewhere. It started off as an exclusive product of the Midnight Kingdom, but soon spread across all the islands as he enacted yet another one of his schemes.

Pep Talk in a Bottle

This concoction is advertised to be the best energizer and mood stabilizer on the market. Consumers seemingly get hooked after just one or two bottles. Effects begin during the first 30 minutes after consumption. They last roughly 5 hours before wearing off and leaving the person craving for more.
Perceived effects include: increased energy, giddiness, lessened anxiety, and an overall better outlook for the day. Only bottles used as free samples provide any real effects. All bottles contain an addiction forming compound.

How It's Made

  The first couple of test batches, Zuggi produced himself in an old cauldron he found at an estate sale. It is kept in the basement of one of his several houses and he just dumped everything in at once, mixed it well, and spooned the liquid into empty potion bottles. After ensuring his plans would work, he assigned the task to a factory to make it seem as "official" as possible.

Just a Money Grab

  As it is with all schemes, this supposed supplement is just another form of income for Zuggi. There were no regards to any possible ill side effects or the general safety of the consumers. A majority of people get hooked on the free sample and proceeds to purchase more, even if there are no noticeable changes after the first bottle. The local authorities and related councils have yet to catch on to Zuggi's plots or find fault in the product.
"Elixir" ; Placebo
Year Created
5 SP per bottle or 15 SP for a four pack
Sold in most convenience stores and apothecaries


  Ingredient List
Water   Sugar   Food Coloring   Artificial Flavoring   Edible fine glitter   Addiction forming agent   Caffeine - Only in sample bottles   Mood altering substance - Only in sample bottles

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9 Jul, 2021 03:48

I love that you wrote your medical breakthrough as a scam! The feel-good juice is incredible, particularly that only the samples have any real effect.

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12 Jul, 2021 12:39

A scam! The charlatan!   Great article! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
31 Oct, 2021 03:58

"Maybe your boss is starting to look punchable..." I love it. XD

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