Arcane Suspension

For those whose injuries or ailments, whether caused by the ravages of disease or picked up in battle, are deemed to be beyond reprieve, Arcane Suspension is known to be a powerful, and almost always successful last resort.   The afflicted are placed in a cocoon of healing arcane energy which keeps them unconscious and pain free, which also heals them whilst they rest.    Though it has been hailed as a panacea, it requires very advanced and knowledgable arcanists to cast and maintain it, meaning that it will only ever be available to those who can pay for it, or who are deemed to be crucial to the survival of the Empire of Turelion to warrant being provided with the cure for free..  


  In 77AIF, Emperor Tasbal I suffered a devastating hunting accident, when he was seriously gored by wyvern that he had been hoping to turn into another trophy to hang on the walls of The Grand Imperial Palace, proved more cunning than he had expected. Though he managed to kill the beast, Tasbal was so seriously injured that the members of the Imperial College of Arcanists in his retinue were sure that he was going to die. Tasbal, however, had other ideas. He charged the arcanists with finding a way to cure him, promising them that should they fail, they would be immediately executed. Incentivised by a desire to save their own skins, the Arcanists worked tirelessly for many hours, trying all manner of spells, charms, poultices and potions to save the Emperor to not avail. Realising that Tasbal did not have long left, the Arcanists decided to try and give themselves more time to think up a new strategy by devising a way to place Tasbal in a cocoon of suspended animation.   Following this, the exhausted arcanists went to rest and refresh themselves, confident that Tasbal was temporarily safe from death, but knowing that they had to regain the strength to continue the fight once they regained their strength.   However, during the night, something quite miraculous happened and when the arcanists wearily returned the next morning, they found that Tasbal's wounds had healed overnight and that on release from his suspended animation, he was back to his completely recovered.   Following their success, the arcanists returned to the Apothecarium in Meltaro, where they spent months recapping everything they had done in their bid to save the Emperor, trying to isolate exactly what it was they had managed to do.   Eventually, after many unsuccessful attempts, though nobody knows exactly how many 'volunteers' from the Catacombs perished in the process, the arcanists discovered the exact steps needed to place someone in a state of arcane suspension, and the method has been used ever since to save lives which would otherwise almost certainly be lost.
Access & Availability
As this is a highly complex and dangerous process, only the most adept of arcanologists and mages have the skills required to successfully place someone into a state of arcane suspension. This means that though it is highly effective as a medical treatment, it is only available to a minute section of the population, predominantly those that can afford to be treated at prestigious places of healing such as the Apothecarium in the capital of the Empire of Turelion, Meltaro.   However, some Hedge Mages have perfected the enchantments necessary to place someone into arcane suspension, and though they are few and far between, there are some who are able to use this lifesaving treatment on those who cannot afford it otherwise.
Arcane Suspension is highly complex, and only those who have spent years, decades even practicing and researching arcane methods of healing are able to successfully cast the spell.   To begin with, the process requires the casting of a powerful suspended animation field, large enough to completely cover the subject, something which is fiendishly difficult to do correctly in its own right. Then, the field must be imbued with healing magic, without disturbing it, which will mend the patient's wounds whilst they sleep.

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