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Bacterial Blood Leeching

While the idea of leeching is frowned upon in the modern and magical worlds, using Sapient Filtering Agar is the only known cure for Bacterial Ki Blockage.



The extraction is risky for the practitioner, because the patient may be at the point they will attack any being with a sigificant amount of ki. Additionally, it's time consuming. The patient must be restrained and sedated. A set of 3 grapefruit or larger sized sapient agar needs to be gathered. One at a time, each agar needs to press a thin film of itself into a large cut in a major artery of the patient. From there, the agar will seal off the wound and filter the blood by rotating the section of itself that acts as the filter.   The agar filters the entirety of the patient's blood this way, taking it in and only absorbing the harmful bacteria and gaining the magic the pathogens stole in return for their service. The agar can be given a sample to learn what to filter. But they have a natural affinity for pathogens that attack magic. No need to prime them for this disease.   The process can take 1-2 days because the bacteria rapidly multiply in the patient's body while the agar is filtering.   If the patient wakes and destroys the agar, or the disease is too far advanced, it is advised the practitioner euthanize the patient, burn the body, and have the area purified. This sounds extreme, but it will save many lives in the long run.

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Ohno Yasu
Access & Availability
Currently, the Ohno clan has the original Sapient Filtering Agar. But they share portions of it with any practitioner who asks. Dividing the agar has no ill effect on it or its intelligence. The gelatinous being seems to be related to the Semi Sapient Slimes, but has much more intelligence.

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I had hoped to include more of the slimes from the Task Force for the Discovery and Conservation of Semi-Sapient Slimes. Consider my promise fulfilled!   Slimes save the day! I suspect we need a story about a slime rescue team now...

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Jul 12, 2021 12:36 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a really cool technology. A shame that if it doesn't work you need to euthanise the patient and cleanse the area, though. Also, dolphin!

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Thanks so much!

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Jul 13, 2021 16:19 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

This is a really interesting and fun species :D I sit just its normal behaviour to act like that or does it needs o be trained/negotiated with?

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Aug 5, 2021 19:55 by Amy Winters-Voss

Thank you! I suspect one just needs to get it to understand the problem. The slimes get the energy they want from the procedure and are happy to help.

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