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Ki Energy

The energy that flows through all things.   Life cannot exist with out it.
Channeling ki is the basis for magic in Liminal Chronicles.   All creatures are capable of utilizing it, but few in our modern world do.
It can't be really pinned down to something specific like a spirit, heart, soul, nature, intention, mood, breath, air, balance, appearance, or magic.   It encompasses them all.

The Flow

Ki doesn't come from a source, it simply exists around us and in us. Neither being created nor destroyed.
Like water that takes the path of least resistance, ki can be directed. For example: When ki is directed efficiently in a martial arts attack, the attack is effective.

Effects on Life

When the flow pattern reduces too much through a living being, life cannot be sustained.
If an object has enough ki flowing through it, the object may come to life.

Cover image: Ki Cover created with stock photo by Nousnou Iwasaki by Amy Winters-Voss


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