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Ki Reserve

Ki fuels the magic in Liminal Chronicles. One must have a ki reserve to perform spells. This well acts like a capacitor to store the energy that flows through all things.
Ordinarily, humans do not have an active ki well. They must Break Through to open the reserve that lies just under the ribs at the solar plexus.
  Mythical creatures are born with an open reserve. They naturally store ki for magic.

  Well capacity varies from being to being and can be built up with magic use and boosts of ki that push the amount stored beyond the current maximum.

General Rules of Capacity

  • Mythical creatures have more ki available than humans
  • Beings who have used magic longer will have more than their less experienced counterparts

  •   Exceptions exist.


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    Also Know As
    ki reservoir, ki well, ki pool

    Cover image: Ki Reserve cover created with stock from Mohamed Hassan and Brash Monkey by Amy Winters-Voss
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