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Break Through

The point where a non-magic user is able to utilize the flow of Ki for magic. It's the most difficult aspect of magic use.  

Humans and Other Non Magical Races

This process often involves a great deal of struggle, because:
  • their ki well, beneath their ribs, needs to be opened and it's uncomfortable, even painful sometimes--depending on the subject's potential aptitude
  • their mind needs to adjust to seeing and allowing for the ki flow
  • they are limited in use of ki
  • they need guidance for the process
  • Method

    A teacher will guide a student to attempt a single simple spell. Usually a traced or written one like an ofuda for healing, since they require less ki than spoken spells. (See Ofuda for details.) Spell attempts will be repeated until the student completes the spell or decides magic is not for them.   If the student has difficulties, the teacher may demonstrate the spell, or in the case of natural magic users--the teacher may show the student what it is like to see the spell through the teacher's eyes.  

    Struggle Duration

    Depending on the student, he or she may take days or months for their break through. While they are pushing toward the goal, students have been observed to be irritable, doubt themselves, be sick of attempting the same spell repeatedly, and complain of pain in the solar plexus. Teachers need to pay no heed to the complaints and push them to keep going. Students will experience a sharp pain upon their well opening, but it's only temporary. After that they'll be able to collect and channel ki flow.   Studies show that it takes hundreds to tens of thousands of repeated tries for students born without magic ability to break through. And only a few students manage to use magic within the lower range of attempts. Teachers often don't mention this statistic, for fear that it will discourage the student.   While most beings are capable of magic, the student may consider the struggle involved not worth the effort. Studies have been done to discover why some students have more trouble than others and conclude that while the person's potential affects the duration of the struggle, it's truly the student's dedication that will ultimately decide if he or she becomes a magic user.  

    Post Break Through Factors

    Once a student breaks through, they have magical abilities for the rest of their lives. Precautions need to be taken, such as immediately warding them for protection and against evil, because new magic users are easy targets for the unscrupulous.

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