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A paper talisman with a spell written on it. Because of their portable nature, ofuda are great to keep on hand for emergencies.  
Might you need an escape?
Keep a portal spell with you.
Wounded in a fight?
A healing ofuda is what you should carry.
Danger magnet?
Make sure you keep a few protection talismans on hand.

How is it powered?

Ofuda are possible because of the spirit of a word, Kotodama. Once written down and activated, the word's power releases into the world.

Ofuda Costs + Warning

Ki from the paper (the former tree) is used to enact the spell. Spell completion uses up the paper and ink completely.   Do not write ofuda on skin or anything of value.


Any medium can be used for ofuda, but the best results will come from quality supplies based on natural materials:
  • good paper from wood or cotton pulp
  • a brush made from real hair with a wood handle
  • solid ink ground and mixed with pure water at the time of creation
  • Freshness of the ink and paper quality are the most important component aspects for ofuda potency.   The spell caster's ability will also play strongly into efficacy.
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    This article will be expanded in the future.


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    Notes for Human Mages

    Human magic users usually break through with this style of magic, because it requires less ki.

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