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Why did Tatsuya join the mob? How did Tatsuya meets his Yakuza (Japanese Mob) big brother?
  I hope you enjoy the glance into my main character's past.
  Stats: 1.7K words, average reading time ~ 10 min (at 200 wpm)
  Rating: PG. Death of main character's father, abandonment.
  Tags: yakuza, tradition, dark backstory, fate, side stories, world ember, pre-Rise



Author's Notes

I am now convinced Google thinks I want to join the yakuza. Sigh. Why did I not remember to do incognito searches? None-the-less, the initiation was fascinating to read about. Though, some sources listed 1 cup and others listed 2, and the new member keeps the cup with them as a reminder. I chose the first because I felt it better represented the pyramid structure of the organization. Those at the top always get more.
  Keep in mind, present-day the mob in Japan has a really tough time because the government is cracking down. So the feeling you get from this article is an older one, closer to the mob heydays.
  Until I get my research notes posted on the Yakuza article, I'll post some of it here in case it's of interest.
  • * Best details of initiation - Yakuza: The Warlords of Japanese Organized Crime
  • An Economic History of Organized Crime: A National and Transnational Approach
  • The Japanese Mafia: Yakuza, Law, and the State
  • Confessions of a Yakuza

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