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Histoire de la Création selon les élohim

By Allyps

1069 0 0 39954

Ce livre relate le lore du Cycle des Cieux. Il s'agit d'un manuel relatant l'histoire de la Création d'EL telle que connue par les élohim du quatorzième millénaire. De la Genèse de la Création jusqu'aux hordes titanesques du quatorzième millénaire, découvrez...

Eyes in the Night

By Cr0atoan

11881 0 0 1552

[b]A[/b]fter the coup attempted by the Future War Cult and the other Factions, the Last City is desperate for support. One New Light working with the Vanguard plans to investigate the Dead Zones for any trace of missing in action Guardians. He quickly comes...


By shyredfox

20858 0 0 1702

[row] [col] [center][h1]Summary[/h1][/center] How Tatsuya meets his Yakuza (Japanese Mob) big brother. I hope you enjoy the glance into my main character's past. [center][h1]Stats[/h1][/center] 1.7K words, average reading time ~ 10 min (at 200 wpm) [/col] [col]...

April Character Backstory Commissions

By Cr0atoan

18697 0 0 4049

The following is a collection of backstory and character lore writing for Final Fantasy XIV roleplaying personas that were commissioned in the month of April. Serena Sparkles is an Au Ra from the Jadeite Thick who was raised among the forestborn though being...