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Liminal Chronicles Book Series

Guardian (Book 2)


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“One hundred pieces of gold for every kitsune head laid at my feet!”
  Convinced redemption lies in becoming a Guardian, Umeji Tatsuya seeks mentorship from the legendary tengu king Soujou-bou. Though, the rest of the Guardian Council is skeptical he’s left behind his dark yakuza past. There’s no time to prove his loyalty and worth before disaster strikes.   A pair of kitsune refugees arrive and hot on their heels is a massive oni army led by Ibaraki Douji, who plans not only to exterminate kitsune kind but also to resurrect the title of Shogun to become ruler of Japan. As kitsune are slaughtered and Umeji and his family fight for their very survival without the support of the Guardians, Umeji questions where his loyalties actually lie.   Just when Umeji thinks things couldn’t get worse, the oni army lays siege to the rural town of Nonogawa and takes on the League of Guardians themselves. When Ibaraki makes off with a legendary sword, the Guardian Council blames Umeji for its loss. He’s done playing by their rules. With family and friends by his side and all of kitsune kind counting on him, Umeji vows to recover the sword and stop Ibaraki for good.   But will the cost be too high? Because the search leads to places mere humans don’t dare tread and what Umeji and his crew find is darker than anything he saw in the mob...  
Guardian is the second book in the Liminal Chronicles series.   Order now to enjoy Umeji’s action-packed journey into Japanese myth, personal redemption, and found family.


  • Redemption
  • Determination
  • Love
  • Sacrifice
  • Target Audience Interests

  • Asia / Japan
  • Anime and manga
  • Myth-based and urban fantasy
  • Adventure, magic, the paranormal, and a bit of romance

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    Praise for Guardian:

    “Once again, Amy Winters-Voss has written a gripping story. In volume two of the Liminal Chronicles, we follow Umeji Tatsuya and his friends deeper into the ancient magic societies lurking beneath present day Japan, this time as they fight to save the kitsune from extinction. Once again, I had to read it in one sitting, I kept wondering what would happen next! And while the ending was satisfying and wrapped up all the major loose ends, I still can't wait to see how they adapt to the aftermath of this adventure in book three.”
    — Angela (Amazon review), ★★★★★

    Rise (Book 1)

    Available Now!

    An ex-gangster. A mysterious old woman concealing her true identity. A mythological world of magic and danger hiding behind everyday life.
      Fresh out of jail, Umeji Tatsuya seeks redemption in a small town, far from his Yakuza ties. He’s barely moved in when the town’s feisty dowager, Nakamura Hisako, discovers the tattoos that mark him as an ex-mobster. She hounds his every step as she tries to make him leave, but Umeji is determined.   Seeking a break from the ridicule leads him to an out of the way shrine where he discovers Nakamura has a secret of her own: she's a kitsune, an ancient fox spirit—like in the stories Umeji read when he was a kid. But Nakamura is undeniable proof that those tales are true and mythical beings blend in among human kind.   Nakamura offers a truce. Keep her secret and she'll help him forge a mob-free future, starting with learning magic. Just when things are looking up, Umeji’s training is interrupted. Date, a kitsune with a centuries-old grudge against Nakamura and a taste for turning former Yakuza members into vicious ogre-like oni to do her bidding, brings destruction in her wake. Worse yet, the one person who could drag Umeji back into the mob shows up on his doorstep, under Date’s control.   Is Umeji the next victim in Date’s sights? Or is there more to this magical threat than he wants to believe...  
    Rise is the first book in the Liminal Chronicles series. Buy now and enjoy Umeji’s action-packed journey into Japanese myth, personal redemption, and found family.

    Want to Read a Sample of Rise?

    The first 4 chapters are available here. Enjoy!



    • redemption
    • a person's ability to change
    • choices have consequences (even generations later)
    • found family


    • multiple timelines (modern day and Meiji era)
    • magic
    • mythological beings (a few at first, in later books they'll appear more often)
    • mixing of the mysterious and mundane

    Praise for Rise:

    I found this book to be fantastically done. The 'redemption' of the main character was very well done, and the humor was fantastic. I absolutely adored when he is found with the old lady - I laughed until I cried!   The weaving of lore was also phenomenal, as was finding a way to go 'if magic is real today, why do we not know?"   The mesh of modern fantasy and Japanese lore was something that was unexpected, and yet absolutely thrilling!
    — E. Sands author of The Toxteth Tabby, via Goodreads ★★★★★
    "Imagine a world where all your favourite stuff about Japanese mythology, anime, and magic kung-fu movies come together with gritty urban fantasy in modern Japan. This is the world of the Liminal Chronicles. It's a book I didn't know I needed, but now I need more!"
    — Diane Morrison (SableAradia) author of The Wyrd West Chronicles via Goodreads, ★★★★★
    "Must read: An engaging fantasy inspired by Japanese mythical lore. Great characters with a fast paced story...I recommend Rise: The Liminal Chronicles to all readers. But especially those that enjoy anime and manga...While reading it felt like I was watching a movie."
    — Keisha Jackson-LaMon via Reedsy Discovery, ★★★★★
    "Overall, Rise: The Liminal Chronicles was a fascinating read that explored ancient magic, Japanese mythology and culture, and deep down, the ability of one man to start over anew. The story was well written and engaging, and had me constantly wondering what would come next. It was a story about change and redemption, one that touched both my heart and soul."
    — Ellie Mitchell author of the Legends of Peradon series via Goodreads, ★★★★★
    "A meticulously penned homage to Japanese tradition and mythology, Rise: The Liminal Chronicles is a stellar achievement. This unexpectedly emotional tale is compelling throughout, and the confident authorial voice makes the novel hum with authenticity. With careful character development and patient storytelling, this first installation from Winters-Voss is a gripping and original gem."
    — Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½
    "...I thoroughly enjoyed Rise and have read it several times already, the first time staying up all night to finish. The characters have depth with their own motivations for their actions as well as their reactions to Umeji, which the Reader will uncover as the novel progresses. The flashbacks to events during Japan's Pre-Meiji eras serve to drive home the full buildup of the present day conflict while beautifully complimenting the present day action, and the well-foreshadowed twists and turns still serve to surprise..."
    — Angela, Goodreads, ★★★★★

    Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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