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'Rise' Influences and How the Book Came About

Greetings! My name is Amy Winters-Voss and I write Japanese myth-based urban fantasy. Today I'd like to share how my book Rise came about.   If you would have asked me ten years ago if I'd be releasing an Asian mythological urban fantasy book, I would have laughed thinking it was impossible. But here we are! Rise: The Liminal Chronicles is a reality,  almost two and a half years after I first started writing.  

Japan Trip Influence

by Amy Winters-Voss
The biggest influence was my trip to Japan. A friend that I'd taken Saori weaving and soil-based dye classes from announced she was going to lead a textiles tour in Japan. As soon as I saw the post, I let her know I was going come hell or high water! I wanted to bring my family, but there just wasn't the budget for it. I'd never traveled by myself out of the country. So in October of 2017, I steeled my nerves and boarded my first international flight. While in Japan, I fell in love with the country, the culture, the food, and the amazing, kind people,     Fast forward to a year later. December 1, 2018. I was on the plane to Seattle trying to fend off the jitters for the basic conversation level Japanese Language Proficiency Test, listening to ONE OK ROCK’s song ‘Stand Out Fit In’. I remember all too well what it was like to be on the outside when I was younger. To be different. So, the story bubbled up from inside and I began writing. I also wrote out of an excuse to dig deeper into the culture and to deal with the growing desire to return. If I couldn't visit in person, I could via story. Not only did I research more about Japan, but I had to learn how to write well and write a book-length story.  

Other Influences

So many things influenced this book, so I'll keep the list down to a minimum. Lol!  
My love of foxes started in college when my husband and I discovered a pair of them on the hill behind our apartment. We loved watching their mouse hunting antics as we walked to and from classes. Though, I suspect they watched us, silly humans that we were, too. Naturally, the kitsune myths of trickster shape-shifting foxes enamored me.   What modern Japan fan hasn't been influenced by anime and manga? For many, it's a first taste of the wonders of the country. I watched the Ruroni Kenshin anime and bought the series of manga in Japanese to read side by side with a translation when my eldest was a baby. It's one of those stories that stands the test of time because both my kids (one teen and one adult) enjoy the story too. What makes the story powerful is Kenshin's struggle over his past and his vow to not kill again.   This story of a yakuza starting over by opening a soba soup shop with his friends moved me. If you're not familiar with the word, the yakuza are the Japanese mob. Seeing Nakamoto-san's struggle as he and his friends worked hard to go straight inspired me to dig in to find out more about what it's like for notorious gangsters. There is such a stigma against them that it's hard to keep a job.    The song 'Rise' for the League of Legends tournament came out in the fall of 2018. I'm a big Glitch Mob fan. So, when the band put out a teaser for it, fans like me were clamoring for more. The words hit me like a tsunami and I knew my MC would have to face similar odds. And yes, this is where the title for my book came from. I debated because words like 'Ascension' and 'Emergence' sound fabulous. My character, Umeji, is smart, but he's not well educated. He'd choose 'Rise' over anything fancy. So the song became the unofficial theme for the book.   Kintsugi (repairing a broken vessel with lacquer and gold). See this article on Medium for more info on this lovely traditional art.  

End Remarks

Thank you so much for joining me today as I shared about the origins of 'Rise'. While my tale is one of fantasy, I hope 'Rise' will inspire readers to take a stand and support others. Everyone, from every faith, can do this.
  How will you be the difference?
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Amy is a former programmer turned author after her first trip to Japan in 2017. Now she writes Japanese myth-based urban fantasy to reconnect with the country and culture that captured her heart. She lives in South Dakota with her supportive husband, two wonderful grown-up kids, and a pair of wily and crazy ferrets.
You can read more about her and sign at amywintersvoss.com.

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Oooh! Rise (and "Legends never die") are on the list of my favorite songs. :) I'm looking forward to reading the book when it comes out.

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ooh yes! "Legends never die" is awesome! (and thank you! )

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This was such a fun article to read. I always love knowing where inspiration comes from! <3

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